The Popular L460 Range Rover Sees Life in Pink When Rolling on Polished ‘Steelies’

L460 Range Rover AGL78 in pink 7 photos
Photo: agluxurywheels / Instagram
L460 Range Rover AGL78 in pinkL460 Range Rover AGL78 in pinkL460 Range Rover AGL78 in pinkL460 Range Rover AGL78 in pinkL460 Range Rover AGL78 in pinkMercedes S 580 on Forgiatos
Soon, there will be renewed competition in the luxury SUV sector because the refreshed 2024 Porsche Cayenne is just around the corner, and the facelifted Mercedes-Benz GLS also just premiered. Alas, that does not mean all of its rivals care too much about that.
Sure, the 2024 model year for the third generation of the best-selling Porsche Cayenne mid-size luxury crossover SUV already promises a cockpit experience unlike any other – both for the driver and passenger. And the Mercedes GLS family has been entirely renewed, so even ultra-luxury foes might take notice of the Maybach GLS 600 4Matic and its 550 ponies, plus another 21 electrified aids now that it’s got exactly the same ISG (integrated starter generator) and 48-volt electrified technology. Or not, given that it hasn’t been able to lay any claims to the throne, which is currently disputed by the Lambo Urus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan – and soon will be fought over by the 715-hp Ferrari Purosangue and 738-hp BMW XM Label Red, as well.

But there is at least one luxury SUV that doesn’t really care all that much about its rivals – although luxury SUVs are in abundance. Instead, just like the fresh Mercedes-AMG G 63 4x4 Squared has recently carved its own (school bus) off-roader niche, the L460 Land Rover Range Rover has also grown out of its roots and into a massively popular SUV for anyone who also loves to dabble around the aftermarket realm. The Range Rover vehicle probably first appeared on a British lord’s plantation back in 1969 and back then it was just a little more than a farmer’s vehicle – and sold exclusively as a three-door 4x4 until 1981. Of course, the first generation – now affectionately dubbed Range Rover Classic – has grown out of its roots with a massive cult following.

The same might not be said about the following iterations, although they were massive cornerstones on the current path of an ever-more luxurious lifestyle. Now that Land Rover has created the fifth generation L460 Range Rover, the road is set in stone, and also in high MSRPs. Indeed, in the United States, for example, the ‘base’ Range Rover SE with a standard wheelbase and the P400 AWD automatic MHEV powertrain kicks off at no less than $106,500. Interestingly, Land Rover has kept the same pricing ever since they introduced the all-new iteration, as opposed to other automakers who jumped at the occasion of hiking the quotation with each passing model year.

L460 Range Rover AGL78 in pink
Photo: AG Luxury / Instagram
Anyway, it’s not like the Range Rover got any cheaper, and if you’re not careful, then you can also slip a bill of more than $226k to your accountant – and that’s for a Range Rover SV (long wheelbase, P530) with 523 horsepower and a V8 under the hood but absolutely no optional goodies on board. Maybe one doesn’t even need them, as perhaps some cash is needed to make sure the L460 iteration stands out in the proper crowd. Or, at least, to make sure that everyone sees life in pink when around it, as is the customized and personalized case here. So, here is another curious Range Rover build that was highlighted by the custom-forged wheel experts over at Santa Fe Springs, California-based AG Luxury, who have uncovered yet another potentially outrageous luxury SUV from Platinum.

That would be the Platinum Motorsport Group, of course, the same venue where Kim Kardashian (and other ritzy stars) does her shopping for her bespoke collection. This, by the way, also includes a thoroughly lowered 2022 Range Rover LWB commissioned with the unique KK Pantone satin silver metallic paintjob and riding posh on 24-inch Forgiato Designs Cactus Jack solid forged wheels. This one, on the other hand, is equally fit for a strong lady that is not afraid of showing off her pinkish-purple tendencies but also wants her SUV’s brakes to breathe some fresh air. Just a little bit, though, as these steelies that mimic the Aerodisc trend are of the AGL78 monoblock forged variety – and don’t look too far off from the Cactus Jacks, either. But, indeed, the pink-purple hue (or wrap) makes a great contrast against the polished clear aftermarket wheels.

Anyway, if a pinkish Range Rover SUV tucked on ultra-shiny ‘steelies’ is not exactly your customization and personalization cup of tea, do take a look at a more traditional ride of the limousine type. And both AG Luxury and Forgiato have interesting options. The former thinks that a Mercedes-Benz S 580 limo is always nicer in full black and with a lowered stance on monoblock forged AGL60s with a brushed clear finish. The latter, meanwhile, would love to see the S 580 in a lighter situation – although I do not know what to think of Hulk’s angry expression and if that is directed at the posh build or the photographer. Oh, well, it’s a brick treat, anyway!

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