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Alex Oagana

Editor-at-large & car know-it-all
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Alex handled his first real steering wheel on his father's lap when he was five (on a field) and started practicing “Scandinavian Flicks” at 14 (on non-public gravel roads, of course).

His parents almost called the police the day after he got his driving license, suspecting their car had been stolen. Little did they know that Alex had went for a 24 hour joy ride with his friends and had forgotten to announce his parents that he was going to “borrow” the family car for the trip.

In case it's not obvious enough by now, he lives and breathes cars. He considers himself an oldschool petrolhead who is well aware that the automotive industry is a polluting business but he's also sick at heart knowing that someday we're all going to drive kitchen appliances with digitized V8 sounds.

Following some time at the University of Journalism, he landed his first real job at the local franchise of Top Gear magazine a few years before Mircea. Not long after, Alex entered the New Media realm with the project, which he believes is changing the face of online automotive coverage.

During various periods of sabbaticals from autoevolution he also got a few writing and/or editing gigs at websites like Carscoops, Top Speed, and also did some freelancing work, but his first online passion kept calling him back at the car site he helped launch back in 2008.
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Andrew Nabors

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As the resident #Florida native, my automotive insights have been honed by triumph and tragedy. While attending the University of Central Florida, I was caught up in amateur drag racing back in 2004.

An addiction to quarter-mile consistency led me to Eckler's, a leader in GM restoration parts. As the manager of their truck division, it was fun watching C10 and Square Body rust buckets capture the hearts and minds of the aftermarket.

It was there that Tom duPont made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The duPont Registry is a great resource for buying and selling exotics and classics, and I led their social media / editorial efforts for a decade. Priorities change, so I looked for an opportunity to share my experiences and insights to a global audience, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

I currently drive a 2004 Cadillac CTS-V plagued by all the famous GM quirks, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. In the garage sits a 2002 Camaro SS 35th Anniversary Edition, a beast I bought new in September of '01. Always looking for the next project, I have owned a few B-Body wagons, a Trailblazer SS, and several flavors of supercharged Buick 3800.

The Oxford Comma sometimes appears in my work, along with the lamentations of Corvette ownership. If you made it this far, my hat is off to you. This message will now self destruct!?   Read Andrew's articles

Aurel Niculescu

Staff writer
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Once upon a time there was a little boy that didn't know his age but dreamed of reaching high in the sky alongside the absolute best aviators. He was passionate about reading books (action and Sci-Fi), grew up with many great authors and soon discovered the mirage of cinema.

There he understood anything is possible if you work hard and passionately strive to follow your imagination. This is how at the age of 16 he managed to fulfill the first dream – flying alone in a glider plane. He was no Tom Cruise, of course, so young adulthood brought him back to reality.

With every kick in the familiar *utt comes a chance to step forward, so a seemingly unimportant ad in one of his favorite automotive magazines brought a dilemma - follow through with the current job or dare to achieve greatness by deploying (previously) unknown literary skills.

After around a decade and a half of trying to perfect them – well, he’s a slow learner – and after driving some of the best and worst cars in Europe, he’s a proud part of the team for an international publication: autoevolution. Here, he hopes to develop his best-ever form, and way faster than before.   Read Aurel's articles

Bogdan Popa

Staff writer
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Bogdan keeps an eye on how technology is taking over the car world, and more often than not, you’ll see him writing about the whole thing with a typing speed that a traffic camera could easily issue a ticket for.

He typically carries both an iPhone and Android device because there’s no such thing as the perfect phone, and he drives a car that some say is blue, others say is green.

His guilty pleasure is finding bugs in Android Auto (cc @Google, you’d better keep an eye on his reports, as these could actually help you refine the experience behind the wheel), and he occasionally tries out all kinds of weird gadgets that many people didn’t even know they exist.

His daily tech arsenal also includes a smartwatch and earbuds because that’s how geeks rock, as well as a laptop that has nothing in common with fruit.

Bogdan’s long-term goals are buying an 18-wheeler because he needs more space in the trunk for his kid’s toys, as well as convincing Google and Apple that Android Auto and CarPlay deserve at least as much attention as the phones that these two companies build.

When he’s not writing about cars, Bogdan’s probably trying to fit a bike in the 375-liter trunk of his car or posting tech stuff for autoevolution’s sister site Softpedia.   Read Bogdan's articles

Ciprian Florea

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When you ask him about cars, he'll tell you about his classic car obsession and how annoying modern designs are. He will go far enough to make you believe he actually hates them. But don't be fooled quite yet. Petrol-blooded creatures tend to act rather impulsively, and Ciprian is a long time "Powerhouse Era" freak.

You'll never catch him drooling over the latest supercar unless it's a McLaren P1, and his idea of a SUV wraps around the 1969 Chevrolet K5 Blazer.

He can give you several reasons why speed and power are more about motorsport than silly street wandering, and Can-Am machinery tops his ridiculously fast all-time favorite car list. He claims he could die happy after a Rattlesnake Raceway ride in a Chaparral and a cup of coffee with Jim Hall on the other side of the table.   Read Ciprian's articles

Cristian Agatie

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As a child, he grew up among tractors and heavy machinery and was covered in grease from tip to toe most of the time. It was a tractor that he drove for the first time and when asked what he’d become, he candidly replied: “tractor operator”. Later on, he drove all kinds of vehicles, from heavy trucks to off-roaders, all outside of public roads until he got his driving license.

He did not become a tractor operator, as you can tell already. Instead, he got interested in journalism and pursued a career finding stories for local newspapers and radio stations. But the first love is never forgotten, so when presented with the chance, he seized it and became a motor journalist in 1995.

Having found the perfect job to mix his passion for cars and journalism, he couldn’t help exploring other areas, like science, computers, and mobile devices. He took stints working for a computer magazine for a couple of years, and it was then that he had his first contact with new media. But cars always remained his passion, so he returned to motor journalism when Auto Bild started its local branch. Later, he became an internet junkie, and moving online felt only natural.

In the meantime, he also became obsessed with technology, electric vehicles, batteries, and whatnot, so he writes a lot about those. He found autoevolution a fertile ground for exploration and so he discovered his passion for RVs and campers, but also solar panels and new energy solutions.   Read Cristian's articles

Cristian Curmei

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Our interview with Mr. Curmei was cut quite short due to the following response,“There’s really not much any man can say about himself that does not come across sounding egocentric. I’m gonna try and stick to that.”

He was born in Romania, yet left at the age of six. Destination? U.S. of A. Grew up in Chi-town for the first two years of his life, followed by the remaining 14 years in Phoenix, Arizona. A history of musical and martial arts made him the ‘crazy’ human he is today. Majors in Chemistry and English ‘endowed’ him with with a joy for jumbling letters, sometimes making people laugh in the process. His true joy and ultimate goal.

Even though a “professional” background in writing has not been developed yet, his love of expression, in any form, has led to a large stack of notebooks on his coffee table. Some stories are about love. Some stories are about clarity. Some stories are about trials and tribulations. All of them are about what it means to be a human. Most recently you’ll even find stories about anything vehicles, transportation, and more.   Read Cristian's articles

Cristian Gnaticov

Staff Writer
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Growing up in the communist regime, little Cristian knew the local cars, whose models you could count using the fingers on one hand, by their sound. Scale models were a luxury back then, so he turned to old magazines for glimpses of famous models sold in the West.

Shortly after the regime fell, he started school and got his first four-wheeled toys. Not long after, he experienced the "brute force" of an old Dacia (long before the current Renault era) far away from public roads - and he instantly knew that his life won't have any meaning for the next 10 years or so, when he could get his license and take on the roads on his own.

As years slowly passed, his father started teaching him the basic parking and turning maneuvers. And before he knew it, he turned 18 and got his prized license.

He spent the next few years going to car meets and the occasional drag race, as part of local clubs, and when he finished school and started earning his first money, he knew what he had to do: modify an old Dacia (his first true love) and go rallying.

So the arduous process began. Finding a good engine, transmission and suspension, upgrading the brakes and reinforcing the chassis. An old Renault 5 Alpine supplied the power unit, whereas the suspension and brakes came from a Dacia factory rally car.

Countless sleepless nights later, his baby was almost ready to hit the asphalt, gravel and other fun surfaces. Unfortunately, a string of events that included a garage fire, among others, killed his dream. So, he moved on to drive press cars and write for a living, and the rest is history.

He worked for several automotive online journals and now he's back at autoevolution after his first tour in the mid-2000s.   Read Cristian's articles

Cristina Mircea

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Cristina’s always found writing more comfortable to do than speaking, which is why she chose print over broadcast media in college. Getting her Journalism degree wasn’t her first writing-related achievement though. She also got published frequently in her high school magazine and her parents were constantly dazzled, delighted, and amused by her SF essays as a little girl.

She nailed her motorcycle license test shaming all the males in her class with her highest score in the written exam and the best time obtained during the skills test.

Writing has been her livelihood for more than ten years now, and there’s no topic she doesn’t dare tackling, from IT solutions to outdoor equipment, electronics, and now the automotive industry.

When she’s not typing, she also loves riding non-motorized two-wheelers, going on hikes with her dog, and rocking her electric guitars.   Read Cristina's articles

Dan Marinescu

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Since his early childhood, Dan developed an avid passion for cars and, now he sees himself as a genuine petrolhead. His enthusiasm comes from his father, an automotive engineer. They love to reminisce about the days when his dad showed him the inner workings of an engine and why everything does what it does.

He remembers watching all the famous TV shows in his childhood, playing racing games, or devouring documentaries. Dan seriously hates today's television programs but manages to remain up-to-date on everything automotive-related from Youtube or by reading articles.

Nowadays, Dan works in the medical field. After countless late-night hour study sessions, many sacrifices, and passing through maybe hundreds of tests and exams, he now is a resident doctor trying to get on the right path in this vast and overwhelming domain. After all, repairing engines may not be that different from making patients feel better and we can all agree that humans are the most complex and fascinating machines.

Dan loves to express himself in writing. When he feels motivated and reaches a state of flow, he becomes one with the keyboard. Hours fly while words come by with great satisfaction. He loves the creative process and gets a high when everything comes together perfectly.

Being a member of autoevolution enables Dan to pursue his love for automobiles, his burning desire to write and be creative, also detaching him from everyday struggles. He is thrilled to be part of the team and hopes to be the source of many intriguing topics.   Read Dan's articles

Daniel Patrascu

Project manager
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Daniel loves writing, or so he claims. and he once loved to use his 10-words-per-minute typing skills to bring you a "behind the scenes" look at the automotive industry, rather than keeping you up to speed with new vehicles and their performances.

Following several years off the grid, Daniel is back at autoevolution, and seeing how the great crisis of the past decade made the auto industry boring, he grew bored with it too, so he slowly shifted his focus to custom cars, custom motorcycles, and other weird stuff. He also loves ranting about space exploration and robots, because in his view the only way forward for humanity is away from this planet, in metal bodies.

During his time at autoevolution, Daniel put his name on more news articles, coverstories, auto guides, reviews, and editorials than we care count. To slow him down a bit, he was given more responsibilities not long ago, so he is now also in charge with coordinating the editorial team on

Long time ago, Daniel also translated Arthur C. Clarke’s novel “The Fountains of Paradise” to Romanian for Paladin Publishing.   Read Daniel's articles

Dragos Chitulescu

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I have been obsessed with cars and motorcycles for as long as I can remember. From agreeing with dentist appointments only in exchange for diecast cars, to buying diecast cars with my lunch money in elementary school, to spending hours and hours playing any video games with cars and bikes in it.

The Fast and the Furious series has had quite an impact on me back in the day, and Tokyo Drift made me realise that drifting would be one day a part of my life, and that I would also absolutely have to go to Japan and experience the amazing car scene over there for myself.

A few years later I was graduating from the MyWay Drift School in Hungary, and actively being involved in the professional drifting scene in Europe. Attending the SEMA Show for a few years in a row only added to my love for cars, and experiencing Japan first hand on two different occasions ultimately almost had me relocate so that I could go immerse myself deeper into the drifting scene.

Instead, I chose to follow up on two other dreams, and I ended up spending a good chunk of my life savings buying a rotary powered, 1991 Mazda RX-7 FC3S Turbo II, which I had been actively dreaming about for more than a decade. And because the love for two wheels never faded either, I even went on to ride a few race bikes around the local racetrack, alongside with buying a 1999 Suzuki SV650-S for daily adventures.

I have been actively working on various media projects, mostly revolving around motorsports since 2009, and joining Autoevolution has come as sort of a natural progression, as I aim to share my love for cars and motorcycles with the world and further experience more of what the automotive industry has got to offer.   Read Dragos's articles

Elena Gorgan

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Elena has been writing for a living since 2006. A double major in English and Spanish, with an M.D. in European Studies, she stumbled into online media by accident, after a 2-year trial run as a teaching assistant at the university she had graduated from.

As a journalist, she has covered a wide range of topics, from cars, celebrity culture, film, music, health & nutrition, and techy stuff. She also did “behind the scenes” work as proofreader and editor-in-chief on several projects.

Her passions include all of the above, and she counts as the most rewarding part of the day the feedback and engagement with the readers. Her work has been published on Softpedia, InOut and, most recently, autoevolution.   Read Elena's articles

Florin Amariei

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As a child, I was starstruck by anything and everything car related.

Years passed and I found myself more and more in love with cars. It wasn`t about their speed or their looks. Heck, it wasn`t even about clout, but about the freedom they represented, the happiness they provided and the magnitude of options that were available to each and every type of driver.

After witnessing a lot of TV coverage for some of my favorite cars, I decided that it`s time to act on what I like. I started by watching random TV shows and ended up loving British presenters. I bought a lot of magazines and found out that I simply cannot ignore the shape of a Ferrari - especially a yellow one. That may the influence of my father who had a Fiat Tempra. Nowadays, I`m leaning towards enjoying a F-150 Raptor, rather than exploring the Riviera with a small car.

That being said, years of just reading, listening and watching turned into a passion for discovery. That is why I started to write about what I know, experience or find out to be interesting. After 5 years of news, travels and a whole lot of test driving, I joined the autoevolution family to spread this passion and share relevant information.   Read Florin's articles

Florina Spînu

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My very first contact with a (non-motorized) two-wheeled vehicle was at the age of six when Grandpa gifted me a Pegas bike. I hopped onto it and quickly learned that two wheels were not enough. Back then, my family couldn't afford a car, so as the years passed by, my curiosity got the best of me – I stole my uncle's Daewoo Tico and taught myself how to handle four wheels.

That's when I first dipped my toes into the automotive world. Shortly after, I got my driving license and, a year later, I was the proud owner of a Volkswagen Golf IV. That car went through a lot, let me tell you. From moving furniture to transporting my pets across the country, it has seen it all. Naturally, those experiences left me, again, wanting more in terms of what a car can do. That's how I ended up at autoevolution.

As for writing, my passion kicked off in university. A double major in English and Chinese and a master's degree in East-Asian languages helped me translate various works from different fields such as medicine, linguistics, marketing, and others.

When I'm not writing about cars, tech, drones, or aircraft, you can catch me reading anything space related that I can get my hands on and snapping breathtaking nature pictures (or so they say).   Read Florina's articles
Gustavo knew he would make a living with writing. The options were a career in law and journalism. After a quick research, he learned that law professions would help him earn ten times more than a reporter. Knowing how it feels to be broke, he took no effort in going to law school.

Having grown up reading anything about cars his father would put in his hands, he started driving late: Gustavo wanted to buy his first car before learning to drive. But life is funny, and his law internships demanded him to have a driver’s license so that he could go to courts driving company cars. That was the only fun he had in the world of legal affairs.

In the third year of college, dying of boredom, he took part in a journalism training course. Loving cars was what landed him his first job as a motoring writer. But he also fell in love with journalism and how powerful it can be when things are not right in the world.

The profession was as unstable and low-paying as predicted, which eventually became a problem. That made him try to go back to the legal world working as a trainee. Ironically, it was at Ford, where he missed his days as an automotive journalist. That drove him back to newsrooms and made journalism turn into a professional refuge: he could always count on it.

Accepting that the life of a reporter is full of ups and downs – aren’t them all? – Gustavo fully accepted he was a journalist. That helped him earn a few prizes, work in multiple places, visit almost every major auto show in the world, meet a bunch of nice people, and feed his family while working with what he loves. He thanks for that privilege every single day.

At autoevolution, he found the right environment for journalism at its best: it can be fun to have a purpose.   Read Gustavo's articles

Humphrey Bwayo

editor photo
Humphrey is a car enthusiast whose love and passion for automobiles extended into collecting, writing, driving, and working on cars. He grew up in the 90s—the height of the great East African Safari Rally and watched local legend Ian Duncan scoop titles in his Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD and Group A Subaru Legacy RS.

Humphrey’s first interaction with cars was with a BMW E36 M3 toy car he got for his 5th birthday. It was a short-lived love story after it crash-landed from the dining table as the young toddler enjoyed his favorite bowl of cereal.

He got his passion for cars from his Dad, who spent thousands of hours working on his old junky 1970 E20 Toyota Corolla a.k.a. “the old faithful.” Years later, he’d do the same with a series of lemons he’s owned throughout his adult life.

After Journalism School, he worked for a local News broadcaster but soon diverted into digital print. He’s had an extensive career writing and editing for websites like National Monitor, The Clever, Columbia Observer, Gadget Review, Hotcars, and TheDrive.

Now he’s found a home with what he believes is the best automotive team on the interwebs— Today, he spends his time doing what he loves best: driving, talking, writing, and working on cars.   Read Humphrey's articles

Matt DeLorenzo

editor photo
I’ve been covering automobiles since the dawn of time, or at least that how it seems after 45 years writing about them. After a brief stint as a newspaper reporter, I got my first auto gig in 1977 as executive editor of Automotive Fleet magazine. Four years later, I joined Automotive News, serving as a reporter in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. before becoming International Editor in Detroit.

In 1989, I became editor of Autoweek and later transitioned to Detroit editor for Road & Track. I returned to California as Deputy Editor and then Editor-in-Chief. In 2013, I joined Kelley Blue Book as a senior editor before returning to the life as a freelancer in January 2022.

Over the years, I’ve written several books including Legendary American Cars, Corvette Dynasty, Modern Chrysler Concept Cars, and Dodge 100 Years as well as launch books for the New VW Beetle, Chrysler PT Cruiser, 2005 Ford Mustang, and Hummer H2.

My personal garage is rather modest, populated by a Hyundai Ioniq PHEV and Nissan LEAF. Even though I’ve seen many changes over the years, the industry now is more dynamic than ever, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.   Read Matt's articles

Mircea Panait

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Little did he knew back then, but a 1:43 scale model of a Ferrari 250 GTO is what sparked Mircea’s interest for cars when he was just a kid. Despite studying mathematics and informatics in high school and economics in university, Mircea turned his passion for all things automotive into a job.
Interning for Top Gear was his first foray in automotive journalism, and not long after that, a full-time position was opened for Mircea to seal the deal. Just about three years later, autoevolution became his new home.
Especially interested in American ponies and muscle cars, Mircea also finds the Japanese domestic market appealing thanks to the quirkiness of kei cars. Full-size pickups like the Ram 1500 and off-roaders such as the Ford Ranger Raptor and Jeep Gladiator Rubicon are much to his liking as well.
A self-described master of pasta and an avid CCG player, Mircea’s past-time activities include playing his Epiphone Les Paul Special Vintage Edition electric guitar, discovering the wonders of the Carpathian mountains by foot, and driving to the Black Sea to get a well-deserved tan.   Read Mircea's articles

Otilia Drăgan

editor photo
She tried to ignore it, forget about it or even make it go away, but writing has always been a part of Otilia’s life, from poems and one bad hip-hop song (a long time ago), to constant writing side gigs on a variety of topics, including medicine, HR and lifestyle, apart from her main work in the online industry.

The greatest adventure began with her Political Science and International Relations studies, and after many twists and turns, Otilia is now proud to start a new chapter at, among colleagues with such inspiring talent (and annoying typing speed).

In her secret life, she directs movies and solves crimes, and in the real world, her favorite moments are those spent in nature, with animals or immersed in fiction.   Read Otilia's articles

Sebastian Toma

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Sebastian’s love for cars began at a young age, and it grew stronger as the years passed.

It all started with him pointing at cars on the street and asking what make and model they were. Sebastian wanted to drive all of them. Once he discovered that his relatives did not know every make and model visible on the road, Sebastian had to do something, so he started being especially attentive to what every vehicle he’d see had written on its back.

The family’s ’72 Mercedes-Benz was a subject of fascination for our fellow writer, as he considered it to be the greatest car in the world. A roll-over proved that it was unexpectedly safe as well, but it had to be sold afterward.

The years went by, and Sebastian got his driver’s license, with tuition paid by the aunt that lovingly raised him in his early years. With no car in sight, he started saving up, and eventually bought an E30 BMW 3 Series. A few months later, he got his dream job - writing about cars for a local website, which became his launching pad in online journalism.

After seven years of writing the latest automotive news, Sebastian took the challenge and joined the autoevolution family.   Read Sebastian's articles

Sergiu Tudose

Assigning editor
editor photo
Sergiu’s passion for cars was instilled from an early age, when he used to ask his father about every single type of car they saw together while going out for walks. Staying with relatives just outside of Baltimore in the late 80s, he would marvel at the large wagons, trucks and semis people drove in the United States, and how different they were from what he would usually see back home.

Not long afterwards, they started showing Knight Rider on TV and suddenly there was nothing cooler to him than a man, his invulnerable talking car, and the open road. Later in life, he decided to invest all that passion in the car industry and make a career out of it.

He has now spent more than 15 years working for local publications and international outlets, driving and subsequently spilling the beans about pretty much every type of car there is. Fun fact, he realized he was getting old when overall comfort behind the wheel became more important to him than handling or acceleration.

That being said, the first real car he ever fell in love with was his dad’s Fiesta XR2 supermini, so his appreciation for cars that are also very fun to drive has never wavered.

Presently, if he’s not busy working or spending time with family, you’ll likely catch him watching some astronomy-related documentary, trying to figure out what it all means. Well, that or outside, kicking butt on the basketball court.   Read Sergiu's articles

Silvian Irimia

editor photo
Being born in the 2000s, I don't have as much experience in life or cars as some of my colleagues, but I'm getting there.

My passion for cars, especially Formula One, started at a very young age. I remember being two or three years old when I went into my sister’s room and heard one of the most incredible sounds I’ve ever heard to this day, as a screaming V10 F1 engine dragged me to the TV screen. From that moment on, I watched F1 races instead of cartoons and I was almost in tears every time Fernando Alonso overtook Schumacher's Ferrari. I then knew my life had to revolve around Formula One cars as time passed.

When I turned four, I received a big diecast model of a Ferrari F50, which made me fall in love with cars in general. The F50 is still my favorite car, alongside the Lamborghini Countach. What can I say, they don't make them like they used to.

As for now, I am studying automotive engineering at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. Thanks to my passion for cars, physics, and mathematics, I managed to get in at the top of my class and with some of the best grades.

When I am not writing for autoevolution, I play basketball, read, travel, and do what all students do—partying too much and spending money in dumb ways.   Read Silvian's articles

Silvian Secara

editor photo
When he’s not writing about the world’s juiciest aftermarket kits or custom two-wheelers, you’ll either find Silvian recording hip-hop tracks in a studio or out and about with his precious Canon DSLR. As you might tell, he’s a bit of an artist, and sees two- and four-wheeled machines as a form of art. 

Many years ago, a young Silvian’s eyes were treated to the sight of a restored Jaguar E-Type Roadster cruising around the streets of Brighton, UK. Quite frankly, it was love at first sight, and that passion continued to grow as he got older. As long as it has an engine and a respectable horsepower figure, he’ll probably dig it. 

While restomods and custom rides are, by far, his favorite topics, he’ll be more than happy to tackle just about any subject, from EVs and futuristic concepts, to compact camping modules, lavish private jets and bonkers megayachts that’ll have you daydreaming. Oh, and if you come across a cafe racer article on our website, it’s most likely his doing. 

Now, if there one thing he doesn’t like, that’s wasting time. Besides writing for autoevolution, fiddling around with Lightroom and jamming out at 90-120 bpm, this guy spends his days hiking and hitting the gym, as well as reading classic literature and studying psychology; you know, just for fun. Needless to say, his interpretation of that ‘you only live once’ shebang is a little different.    Read Silvian's articles

Tudor Serban

Staff Writer
editor photo
Tudor has been connected to cars since he was 5, when he began working on them, and his first driving lesson left parallel tire marks on the street. In 1996, while still in Journalism school, he started to write about cars. One year later he discovered his true calling when he began writing for a small car-magazine, and since then most of his career has been car-related.

He has a passion for old cars and thinks that the real ones were made up until the year 2000. As a journalist he went to various events around the world, covering races, new-car launches, international testings, and interviewing CEOs from big car companies.

His passion for cars took him from the heights of Pikes Peaks to the Moroccan desert, from 2 mph off-road trials to the corkscrew of Laguna Seca. He still doesn't completely understand electric cars and considers them not to be the true future, but only a step toward the future. A future where, sadly, petrolheads like him will be outlaws.

He published thousands of articles in over 20 years and still enjoys it. He joined the autoevolution team in 2020 and he is tasked with digging up info about forgotten cars and stories about once famous vehicles.   Read Tudor's articles

Vlad Mitrache

editor photo
Having the memory of an elephant suffering from amnesia, I'm the exact opposite of an automotive encyclopedia. That's exactly why you can very often find me studying the spec sheets of cars or asking my colleagues who are very much more knowledgeable than me about facts and figures. On the bright side, though, that means I get to learn new things every day.

Contrary to most of the people here, I didn't get my driving license right after my 18th birthday, but it wasn't because I didn't want to. I won't get into details, but three years later I was the proud owner of that piece of plastic and a piece of trash car with which I quickly established a love and hate relationship. Mostly hate.

However, driving I loved, so that's what kept me going until my first decent car. By this time, I started thinking about mixing my degree in Journalism with my passion for driving, and so there I was working as an editor for a car magazine. A few good years later, nothing much has changed. But don't take my word for it, I tend to forget stuff. Now, if I could just remember where I parked my car...   Read Vlad's articles

Vlad Radu

editor photo
At age five Vlad built a car cockpit out of wood, carboard and an old Trabant steering wheel under his desk and dreamed about driving the world’s most exotic cars. He grew up watching Michael Schumacher become a legendary driver, falling in love with speed and all things Ferrari in the process.

In high school, he crashed a communist-era Dacia 1310 with no brakes into a military base’s fence and almost got arrested on terrorism charges but bribed the base’s sentinel with three packs of cigarettes and only got in trouble for ruining the car.

He then decided to put his passion for cars on hold and concentrate on playing professional basketball. Due to a lack of talent, size, and a serious injury, he was forced to abandon professional sports and take a job as a video game tester. It was during this period that he discovered a passion for reading and writing after finding Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels on a park bench.

The author’s writing style was fascinating to young Vlad and he continued to read all his books while creating a blog where he wrote about controversial social issues, inspired by his favorite author.

Years later, he got back to his first passion, taking a job at a local car parts dealership. He worked his way up from the sales department to a successful regional manager position, but something was still missing.

His biggest dream was to write so, when Autoevolution approached him to become a member of the team, he quit his old job instantly, and has been passionately writing ever since.

When he’s not busy creating articles or playing with his two-year-old son, he can be found working on his old BMW 3 Series Wagon or shredding trails on a mountain bike he assembled himself.   Read Vlad's articles