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When the autoevolution project went live in a cold December back in 2008, we really had no idea how important this "car site" would become over the years.

Our initial vision mainly revolved around bringing like-minded people together and create an online hub of information about anything with wheels, be it cars, motorcycles and even trucks. Not long after, we realized that we didn't want to be "just another car site", and expanded to every conceivable transportation niche (and even beyond that).

We’ve learned that being a car guy/gal is passion that not only brings people together but expands their horizons as well. This transformed autoevolution from a website that delivers various snippets of information about vehicles to an online magazine that caters to the knowledge needs of just about anyone on the planet. Regardless of your background, location or hobbies, you’re bound to find something you enjoy in here.  

At autoevolution, classics and muscle cars co-exist with the ever increasing army of EV fans, and so can motorcycle fanatics with scooter or bicycle enthusiasts. There is a place under the sun for everyone, which is why we are now also covering all manners of sea-roaming vessels, airships and spacecraft (and celestial bodies!), various gizmos and even military hardware.

We started from writing about everything with wheels to every conceivable hobby that’s at least adjacent to the automotive industry, then we amped it up even further. In other words, don’t be taken aback to find yachts, auto- or sea-themed watches and even mobile homes on autoevolution, with renderings that either tell a story about the future or offer a different take on the present completing a bigger and bigger picture of what we’re about. 

Over the years, we grew from a small team of writers to a major information outlet and a team of over 50 journalists. Our mission is all-including and ever-expanding, so stick around and join us on this incredible journey of discovery. 

And remember: If we haven’t talked about it, then it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

Statement on A.I. generated content: does not publish any kind of content that was generated, written or outlined by A.I. Our articles are researched and written by a team of editors, writers and contributors.



December 2008

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