Mercury M Series With Hideaway Lights Might Have Sold Like Hotcakes If Real

A long time ago, Mercury catered not just to luxury but also offered utility. Thus, it also had trucks – though not everyone could get their hands on them, as their M series were primarily offered in Canada as rebadged versions of the iconic F-Series.
Mercury M Series with Cougar Hideaway lights rendering by jlord8 8 photos
Photo: jlord8 / Instagram
Mercury M Series with Cougar Hideaway lights rendering by jlord8Vintage Pontiac Grand Prix Pickup Truck rendering by jlord8Vintage GM Pickup Truck renderings by jlord8Vintage GM Pickup Truck renderings by jlord8Vintage GM Pickup Truck renderings by jlord8Vintage GM Pickup Truck renderings by jlord8Vintage GM Pickup Truck renderings by jlord8
After the Second World War, in 1946, Ford of Canada decided to allow Ford and Lincoln/Mercury to separate their sales channels. They created a couple of new sub-brands (Monarch and Meteor), plus they introduced trucks to the Mercury division. What, do not be so surprised – Lambo had the V12-powered LM002, and BMW produced a few based on the X7 and M3, so why couldn’t an American luxury brand sell their pickups?

Anyway, that was only between 1946 and 1968, and the Mercury M series only slightly differed from the looks of the regular Ford F-Series. Afterward, there was no need for such shenanigans anymore, and everything returned to “normal.” Well, at least in the real world, because over across the virtual realm, there is at least one fan that would not let go of the Mercury Ute.

Meet Jim, the virtual artist better known as jlord8 on social media, who continues to imagine wonderful new ways of improving our pickup truck dreams, again with an accent on vintage style. So, after a massive off-road and sporty truck series focused on modern Single or Extended Cabs, the pixel master has returned to a former love: imagining classic pickup trucks that never existed.

Initially, this vintage wishful thinking pickup truck series focused solely on GM products, such as the COPO Silverado, GMC Sierra GT, Olds 442 Pickup, Buick Truck, as well as a couple of Pontiac models (they are all neatly tucked inside the gallery above to ogle at them for as long as you want). But now, the CGI expert is expanding his reach towards Blue Oval products with this old-school Mercury M pickup truck that supposedly was created sometime past the 1968 moment.

Naturally, to try and digitally separate itself from the real-world M counterparts, this imagined Mercury light commercial vehicle sports a hideaway grille that seems like a direct port from the original Mercury Cougar (1967-1970), the premium sibling of a certain legendary pony car. So, is anyone surprised that enthusiasts also believe it would have sold like hotcakes if ever real?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes prior vintage-style digital pickup trucks by the same author.

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