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Will This New Mazda Two-Stroke Supercharged Engine Sound like a V8?

Making a new engine while the world’s rushing to switch to electric vehicles only? Mazda said, “why not?” There’s a new innovator in town and it wants you to pay attention.
Mazda Supercharged Two-Stroke Engine Patent 6 photos
New Mazda Two-Stroke Supercharged Engineplexiglass cylinder headplexiglass cylinder headplexiglass cylinder headplexiglass cylinder head
Mazda’s SkyActiv-X engines proved to work well since customers in Europe liked a gas motor that uses diesel technicalities. Fuel efficient, practical, and fit to propel medium-sized loads, this technology advances yet again. This time, Mazda thinks in smaller terms but has bigger goals in sight. The Japanese carmaker wants to prove the two-stroke engine can get another chance at proving itself dependable.

These small yet loud engines are still in use today. You can find them on mopeds or go-karts because they’re lighter and more cost-effective. Their main problems are, as you might have guessed already, noise and inability to work well under heavier loads. Moreover, they’re not going to fit well with policymakers since these engines produce a lot of toxic emissions. It’s understandable, but for Mazda it is unacceptable. They want to make a more powerful, cleaner, and economical tiny two-stroke engine. How? By adding a supercharger, of course!

This new patent request registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under the US 11236684 B1 name shows what’s going to happen.Mazda’s Tiny Two-Stroke Supercharged Engine
The Japanese automaker wants to add spark ignition combustion to the two-stroke engine that will work under heavy load, while the self-ignition combustion will take place only on low loads. The supercharger will be “capable of preventing occurrence of abnormal combustion under high load and improving fuel efficiency in the case where compression self-ignition combustion is implemented under low load, and spark ignition combustion is implemented under high load.”

Mazda believes this new strategy will help the two-stroke engine work better under any circumstances. But there’s an undisclosed catch. We don’t know the size of this supercharged tiny wonder and we also don’t have the plans for a proper reduction of emissions, nor a clear exemplification.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Mazda’s planning to show us in the near future.

Editor's note: Gallery shows abstract pictures and is based on a USPTO filling.

 Download attachment: USPTO Two-Stroke Supercharged Engine (PDF)


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