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Mazda RX-7 Live to Offend Rides Low and Slick, Rear Spoiler a Surprise

There are a number of defunct automobiles that if they were to return in one form or another, they’d probably be instant hits. We’ve had a couple of examples recently, with Ford’s Bronco and Toyota’s Supra showing that if properly engineered and marketed, iconic nameplates could enjoy success once more.
Mazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kit 6 photos
Mazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kitMazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kitMazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kitMazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kitMazda RX-7 with Live to Offend body kit
In the eyes of many, Mazda’s RX-7 is one of those cars that would probably thrive as well in the real world. On the market for a long time, from 1978 to 2002, the original incarnation managed to perform particularly well for its segment, selling over 800,000 units during that time.

As it stands, despite several attempts Mazda made to revive the moniker, we do not have a new RX-7 on the road anymore. And the people that own the old models no longer take them out all that much, meaning most of the time we’re forced to settle for digital iterations of the rotary-powered car, a sort of perpetual what-could-have-been.

One of the digital designers that keep pumping RX-7 ideas online is Khyzyl Saleem (the_kyza). Unlike most others though, he has some real-world backing from a custom shop called Live to Offend, a business dedicated to making his “renders […] a reality” in the form of FRP and carbon kits.

And one of the kits that will make it into production, in a very limited run of 25 units, is the one seen on this here RX-7, “the end goal” for the designer’s own Mazda for this year, as he bluntly puts it.

Wrapping around the entire body of the car, the kit makes the vehicle look longer at the front, more aggressive on both ends, and extremely low in between.

There is one thing missing on the beefed-up RX-7, and that is the rear spoiler. One will be fitted, but at the time of writing, it’s still a surprise, with the owner saying he has a special plan for it.

As we move deeper into 2022, we’ll probably get to see more of this Mazda in digital form, and hopefully, more like it in the metal.


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