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Venture Into Winter Fun With a Versatile Cyclone Fifth Wheel: Limitless Mobile Living
The world of RVs, travel trailers, and mobile habitats is a grand old place, of which fifth wheels and toy haulers are a part, and that's what we'll focus on today, Heartland RVs Cyclone, their most capable and expensive unit, and for good reasons.

Venture Into Winter Fun With a Versatile Cyclone Fifth Wheel: Limitless Mobile Living

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Folks, mobile living isn't just about going out there with a tiny camper and discovering the world mainly on foot; some people own ATVs, motorcycles, and other off-road machines. For these humans, your typical travel trailer just isn't enough, so the toy hauler was born, and the one we'll be exploring today is so much more. Heck, with a starting price of $146,250 (€149,100 at current exchange rates), you can bet your bottom dollar that the Cyclone is a tad different than your average trailer or camper.

Diving right into all that is this machine, the idea behind these units is that they're built for rugged off-road, off-grid, and mobile adventures, and that means an array of features and systems designed for comfort and ease of use. Best of all, these suckers can even be tricked out with systems that allow you to venture into the colder months. Let's take a journey through a life lived out of a Cyclone.

Now, to handle a fifth wheel like this, you will need to make some modifications to your existing vehicle, which may cost you a tad extra, too. After all, some of the smallest units come in with a weight of 14,464 pounds (6,561 kilograms) dry; by the time you're done loading it up with the things you need and want for your adventures, you can be looking at a 20,000-pound (9,072-kilogram) machine.

Since the winter months are upon us, I felt it would be nice to thrust you into a life where you prepare for winter fun. To safely and comfortably venture into the snow with your Cyclone and snowmobiles in the back, Heartland builds the shell with reinforced Azdel sidewalls that sit around an aluminum frame. As an option, you can grab a winterization package from Yeti and enclose this beast's belly, adding heating elements to keep systems from freezing over, among others. Make sure you bring along some shovels and traction boards and mats. Don't worry; sizable pass-through storage is accessible from three sides and countless hatches.

Once you've made it to those snow-ridden woods you've wished for, you'll want to stabilize your unit, unload your snowmobiles and suit up for your riding. Depending on the floorplan you bought, you're looking at a garage ranging from 11 feet (3.3 meters) to 15.1 feet (4.6 meters). That's enough space for a couple of smaller vehicles. As a side note, these garages can also be repurposed for living and equipped with bunk beds and dinettes. Even the ramp door can shift into a patio area.

Once you've returned from your outings, it's time to see what else the Cyclone has up its sleeve. Part of your money goes to the lifestyle you access in these units. One way to really take in what awaits is to take a journey through the image gallery above, and once you've done that, come back to the text to continue with the things you may have missed.

Did you happen to notice how cabinetry is full-size? What about those modular dinettes and couches that can take the shape of a bedding area at whims notice? Have you thought about the sort of meals you can whip up in that massive kitchen? Take the time to daydream a little; it's Saturday. Heck, lounge around in that king bed if you'd like. I'm sorry to cut things short, but trying to go through everything the interior offers would be madness, but it looks like you're getting your money's worth. Note the fireplace and entertainment center, massive TVs, and JBL audio system.

If you want to take things off-grid, these units are typically filled with enough water and systems to help you do so. But if you're looking to extend your stays, a myriad of optional gear is available. Nonetheless, it seems to be one of those "just throw money at it" kinds of issues, so bring your checkbook and take things further.

As for the minds behind this magic, it's Heartland RVs, a crew we've covered many times before here on autoevolution, and be sure to see more in the future. After all, if you consider that this manufacturer was founded as a collaboration between a few RV veterans, you know they're bound to build some amazing and notable machines. One of those is the Cyclone fifth wheel.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of interiors and options from unspecified Cyclone floorplans.


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