Super73 Aims To Brand Your Kid As Early as Age Four With the Electric K1D Bike

For over six years now, Super73 has been setting the trend in what it means to build an urban mobility vehicle for the modern rider. Their lineup is filled with capable e-bikes designed with a retro look. But now, their family is getting even bigger.
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I chose to use the word 'family' to describe what's happening in Super73's lineup because of their newest addition, the K1D, and no, that's not a typo. As you can imagine, it's a kid's bike, and as you can expect, it's built in the same Super73 style this brand has grown to be known for. The same retro café-racer design is evident, and this one's electric, just like its bigger brethren. Let's dive in and see how your kids can join you on your next e-bike outing.

Whenever I talk about a bicycle, whether electric or not, for adults or children, it's essential to look at the frame and its dynamics. Now, bicycles designed for children are different from adult bikes in that they're exposed to less stress. In short, they aren't necessarily built for capability but rather for comfort and, above all, safety.

For the K1D, comfort is tapped into with the retro styling that Super73 is known for. After all, they've built an entire brand around the notion that such a design is more relaxed, and it is. I can vouch for this from experience, but typically, there are limits to how much 'bicycle' actually exists in a café racer e-bike.

For example, a café racer-style machine will set you down on a seat that's nice and wide and long. But it sits really close to the pedals. It's not the most comfortable stance for adults to be pedaling in. So, for the K1D, Super73 eliminated the pedals and threw in two simple footrests for your child to plant their feet on. Not only does this eliminate the discomfort of pedaling such a bicycle, but it reduces the number of factors your child needs to pay attention to. Honestly, this is a feature I'd love to see on all café-racer e-bikes. But then again, manufacturers wouldn't be able to sell them as bicycles anymore. They'd be downright electric mopeds.

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The lack of pedals also means no chain and that the K1D is powered by a twist throttle. To help younglings identify the location of their throttle, an orange grip is used on the right side of the handlebar. Not only does this ensure your child understands which hands to what, but three different speed settings provide adequate room to learn and work their way up to the fastest mode. But it's not clear just what that top speed may be.

All we are told is that the K1D has a runtime of up to one hour before needing to recharge. But the benefit is that in just 45 minutes, your kid can head back outside to play with his very own Super73 neighborhood gang. How are sixty minutes of riding possible with a 45-minute recharge? Regenerative braking. Once the throttle is released, an electric motor brake kicks in and dumps some flow back into the battery. This is tech ripped right off a concept e-motorcycle that Super73 is launching soon, the C1X.

More on the battery the K1D has in place, Super73 makes multiple mentions of its safety and capabilities. With the LiFePO4 battery pack, this EV can be ridden "in all weather conditions." My encounters with such a chemical concoction tell me that range will be affected by colder and hotter temperatures alike. There's a fine line where EVs can operate for optimum results. I don't see why the K1D would be any different.

K1D E\-Bike Color Lineup
Photo: Super73
As for the remainder of this electrified two-wheeler, don't expect me to sum up secondary components you'd typically find on a bike, as there are very few. Heck, the only thing I can really point out is the disc brake found alongside the motor. Actually, there is something I can point out, the tires. We can see that Super73 added a set of rather knobby and fat rubbers to the K1D. This means your child can accompany you on trips that even include rougher terrain and even look the part.

Speaking of accompanying, I started this article by stating that bicycles built for children aren't exposed to the same stresses as adult bikes. Well, Super73 still decided to build a machine that your child can "grow" with, eventually helping them step into the larger options this team has available for larger riders. Hey, it's one way to ensure branding sticks. After all, how often do you want to break away from the things you've had for years?

How much is all this magic going to cost cycling families? Well, just five dollars short of $1,300 (€1,200 at current exchange rates), which is something to think about. But we can't really put a price on our children's joy and safety. Shipping to owners is scheduled for June.
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