Get Ready for Super73's C1X: An Electrified Motorcycle With Downright Impressive Stats

For the past few years, L.A.-based Super73 has been hitting the e-bike industry with a design that's been copied over and over by lesser-known manufacturers. Well, they've had such success in their ventures that, now, they're stepping into a new era for the brand. We can now see, touch, and smell the electrified C1X... motorcycle!
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That's right, people! Super73 is now stepping up its game and unleashing the C1X prototype they've been working on for some time. Oh, and it comes as a response to community wants and desires. This brand is constantly listening to its customers, which is one reason why they've grown so fast. Let's see what the C1X is all about and why you should start saving to grab your very own.

Now, a whole lot about the C1X isn't yet available. But the next few days to weeks will bring more and more of this machine to light. Still, we know enough to whip up a little piece of literature regarding what Super73 has been working on and what to expect.

And so we begin this adventure by simply taking a nice long look at the C1X to see what's in store. Be warned: you might fall in love. Right from the start, we can see that Super73 has decided to keep true to the whole retro styling they're known for. After all, they've built an entire brand around such a design, and they aren't about to drop it now.

But the best part of the C1X is that it looks like a wholesome motorcycle, and it is. No longer can we see clearly through the frame like all other Super73 machines, and that's because of that squeaky clean bodywork. Since this two-wheeler is a downright monster, the panels hide things like the battery pack and other guts needed to kick this beast up to a top speed of over 75 mph (121 kph). This is the projected top speed that Super73 has posted on their website, and if the final product can hit this number, sign me up!

Photo: Super73
That sounds amazing if you ask me, but there is more to the C1X than meets the eye. What 73 decided to do with the C1X is mount the motor of this bugger right into the swingarm. With some more tinkering and added bits, the C1X "eliminates chain slack and maintenance." Like any chain, this is up to a point, but the darned system looks solid, clean, and cool. Yet, don't be fooled; the motor isn't found in that solid rim at the back, but rather, it sits mid-mounted. The way you want it to be.

One aspect of the C1X that will attract a following is its charge time. According to Super73, in under one hour, this electrified two-wheeler can recharge up to 80%. If that's not enough, our inside man at Super73 let us know that a 10% to 80% recharge will have you pulled over for 15 minutes. Less time than it takes to drink a coffee. With 100% charge, you can ride around for up to 100 mi (161 km). What I'm curious about, something that most e-mobility manufacturers don't mention, is the number of charge cycles I can carry out before that battery starts acting up like an old smartphone.

So far, I've been seeing nothing more than some very impressive stats, and these numbers are sure to attract the attention of just about anyone who encounters this machine. All this brings me to my next point: this thing is completely road legal and requires a license to operate. Heck, I couldn't agree more. It's a beast!

The rest of the C1X is topped off with 15 in wheels, a shortened wheelbase, typical of café racers, and all the lighting you could ever need to ride around during the day, at night, on a Saturday afternoon, you name it. The headlights are beautifully integrated into the front fairing, turn signals just out like little yellow mustaches or insect eyes, and the taillights are all tucked underneath the seat.

Photo: Super73
One thing I really enjoyed about this motorcycle – yes, we can call it that – is the way it just turns heads. All of it is smooth with edgy accents, telling you it's all modern and electrified, and the rear construction shares these cues. An inverted front fork takes up any hits the road throws your way while the rear shock continues the action, ensuring you can ride all 100 mi without any back problems. The saddle should add comfort too. Wrap all that up into a nearly silent and speedy package, and you have the C1X.

As for pricing for one of these buggers, no one has said a darned thing. There is no official information regarding what we can expect to dish out for the C1X, but others within the electrified motorcycle industry place projections around $4,000 to $5,000. Again, this isn't a number given by Super73. But we're expected to see delivery of these babies in 2024.

Before I go, take a minute to picture yourself riding this puppy on a Saturday morning or even to work during the week. Every day, you pull out of the garage and start seeing people drop whatever they're doing just to take in your electrified pony. At stoplights, other riders will ask you all about power, range, and price. They'll take a moment of silence, too, followed by the nod. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Yup, it's a good feeling, and the fact that the C1X sparks all of this up should tell you a whole lot about what Super73 has achieved.

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Editor's note: The article has been updated post-publishing to reflect newly acquired information.

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