The 220-Mile Eunorau Flash E-Bike Could Be Better Than a Long-Range Electric Motorcycle

The race for electric passenger cars with bigger batteries and longer ranges is fierce. In the shadows, the same competition is emerging in the e-bike world. Well, now, is a more-than-200-mile-range e-bike an overkill? Does it really make sense?
220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike 6 photos
Photo: Eunorau
220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike220-mile Eunorau Flash e-bike
The guys with Eunorau seem to think that their “longest-riding e-bike ever” is going to attract some customers. But it's also like they're not so sure, that's why the new Flash is only available to pre-order on Indiegogo for now, not on the company’s official website.

The good thing is that way you’ll grab a $1,000 (€932) discount when the new e-bike will launch, presumably this summer. The bad news is we don’t know the price of the new pedal-two-wheeler yet. But we expect a few thousand grands for this huge range, maybe close to $5,000 (€4,600).

First things first. The Australian company’s weird name is pronounced u-nor-rou and it’s allegedly “a portmanteau of the three sonnets ‘Europe’, ‘North America’ and ‘Australia’.” It’s weird, just like the kangaroo was for the first colonists when they saw it.

220\-mile Eunorau Flash e\-bike
Photo: Eunorau
So, it’s only normal for a strange-named company like this to come up with a “break those limits, mate!” product. It’s an e-bike for those who, every now and then, wonder “why should I drive an EV or an electric motorcycle from New York to Boston when I can ride an electric bicycle?

It's not a dumb question, you know. If your EV or motorcycle’s battery is depleted before you reach your destination, you either need a platform or a rescue charging vehicle. But with an e-bike, you just keep pedaling until you get to your destination. It’s a little effort, of course, but you’re not stuck.

Between you and me, it’s kind of dumb not to use a car or a motorcycle to get comfortably from New York to Boston. But cycling is not a thing for inner-city or around-the-city commutes anymore. It’s a lifestyle and, according to the company’s “Get back to nature” slogan, you should use e-bikes to explore nature.

Now tell me if the full-suspension all-terrain design of the Eunorau Flash, along with its 20-inch fat tires, aren’t challenging your inner pathfinder. Compared to the other e-bikes in the Eunorau range, the Flash is the most spartan two-wheeler, almost military-like.

It can accommodate two and it aims to be the e-bike you can take everywhere. Or should I say that can take you two everywhere? Especially on steep hills, where the 1,500W from an all-wheel drive setup provide the power and the torque needed to overcome obstacles.

You should know that this powertrain configuration is the priciest option. You can also choose a 1,000W mid-drive motor, while the basic configuration is a single-rear 750W motor. Right, I’m ready to bet that none of the early customers will choose anything but the “all-wheel drive” option.

How about that huge range? Is there a big battery? No, there are three separate LG batteries. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, who doesn’t want to get rid of that little and annoying range anxiety devil in the back of your heads?

220\-mile Eunorau Flash e\-bike
Photo: Eunorau
This bike has up to THREE batteries mounted on the frame. There are already e-bikes on the market fitted with two batteries, for a more-than-100-mile range or even for a close-to-150-mile range. But this Flash is the first one to add an extra battery for a striking result in terms of range.

The first one is under the bench seat, the second one is on the front pillar of the frame, and the third one is placed horizontally on the frame and looks like the tank of an old motorcycle. I gotta say that the designers did a good job because the Flash really seems prepared for rough terrains.

I don’t know why I’m suddenly thinking of old Land Rover Defenders crossing deserts and jungles. But I’m glad the Flash doesn’t look posh or fancy or elegant. It’s an e-bike for bike-packers and adventurers, that’s for sure.

While the Eunorau Flash is not the first “SUV-ish e-bike” with an AWD powertrain, it is certainly the first of this kind to offer such a great range. And the company’s Indiegogo campaign is nothing but a proving ground for the success or failure of this concept.

I believe this could be a new milestone for e-bikes. If people are going to buy the Flash in reasonably high numbers, other companies will get into the game of long-range e-bikes. This means competition and more affordable products.

This kind of e-bike could be the real all-rounder that bikers were expecting. You could easily use it for everyday commute to work with just one charge a week and then use the same e-bike for outdoor adventures on longer journeys than ever before.

For now, let’s just wait and see how many customers are going to pre-order the Eunorau Flash, and then how many of them will be pleased by their acquisition. You can now check out the video below for some action footage of this new e-bike.

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