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Searching for a Budget-Friendly RV With the Works? Check Out the "Little Big" CaraComfort
Since July it's RV month here on autoevolution, I thought it'd be nice to continue doing what I've always been doing and bring to light a mobile home that can be your escape from the traditional neighborhoods we've grown up in.

Searching for a Budget-Friendly RV With the Works? Check Out the "Little Big" CaraComfort

CaraCompactCaraCompact InteriorCaraCompactCaraCompact BeddingCaraCompact FloorplanCaraCompactCaraCompact BeddingCaraCompact Interior
Today, we'll be taking a journey on what it may be like to live out of an RV dubbed the CaraCompact. If you've never heard of this vehicle, I'll just say things like Weinsberg says, "the CaraCompact is the little big companion for your adventures." Starting to get the idea? With advertised prices found in the $60,000 (€59,000 at current exchange rates) range, it's one of those machines you should at least devote the next five minutes to.

However, before I start taking you on a tour of this RV, let me point out a thing or two about the minds behind the machine, Weinsberg. If this name doesn't ring a bell, not a problem, but let me point out that this brand has actually been around since 1969, when the first Weinsberg camper came to light, based on the Fiat 328 van. Wait a minute, what does Fiat have to do with all of this?

Well, Gustav Alt and Wilhelm Schumacher (I couldn't find any relations to "Schumi") started up the Karosseriewerke Weinsberg in 1912, and in 1938, Karosseriewerke Weinsberg was sold to Fiat. With the factory grounds still operable, it soon became the breeding ground for Fiat's 500 Topolino.

With that in mind, I bet you can guess what vehicle chassis and motor are used to create the CaraCompact. Yes, nothing but a Fiat, and before you go on about how it's not a Benz or anything like that, there are benefits to owning a Fiat too, and you can clearly see that price is one of them. A Ducato with a 2.2-liter diesel engine can produce up to 180 HP of power. Sure, it may sound too little, but it can haul all 3,500 kilograms (7,716 pounds) of the permissible weight of the CaraCompact.

Now, let's say you happen to buy yourself one of these mobile dwellings. When that happens, you'll purchase an RV that can only sleep two people and seat four. If you're traveling with the kids, pitch them a tent and enjoy the comforts of this habitat without disturbances. Ok, maybe the occasional knock on the door. Don't have the heart to keep the little ones out in the wild? Switch it up and let them wreak havoc in your freshly purchased RV.

Why did I mention the sort of scenario where you and your family are out enjoying all that nature has to offer? Because that's precisely what this traveling home is all about. Think about it. For around $60K, you can give up the traditional neighborhood and live a nomadic lifestyle filled with new places and moments every day.

This, however, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice any of the comforts of home. After you've driven the miles on your map and threw the kids out of the Cara, all you have to do now is prepare dinner. A three-burner stove is there to offer you space for soups, something solid, and even some pancakes for dessert. A 142-liter (37.5-gallon) fridge and countless cupboards and storage bays ensure you have the space necessary for all your knick-knacks and foodstuffs.

After you enjoy dinner in a dinette fit for all guests, you help your progenies set up their own mobile dwelling. Hey, it was their choice; you just gave in after hours of pleading for a tent. With the kids safely outside the Cara, you decide to get clean. After all, the bedroom isn't where you should bring the day's baggage, no matter what form. Depending on the model, you'll find a wet bath in the center or tucked away in the far corner of the habitat.

As for the bedroom, it's clearly found at the rear. One floorplan, the 600 MF, has a double bed tucked off to one side of the unit, with the bathroom completing the rest of the rear, while the 600 MEG features a large twin bed with a middle add-on that allows you to create a larger bed, possibly even suitable for three guests.

Sure, it's spacious and has everything you need to stay clean and comfortable, but mobile living also comes down to being able to survive where others don't; off-grid as it's known. As I researched the CaraCompact, I noticed that future owners can install an array of extras, including solar panels, batteries, an inverter, and even a control panel.

Don't want to stop there? Try a GPS system from Velocate, underfloor heating, Dometic AC, and Truma heating. Want to add some cargo racks for e-bikes and/or a roof rack? Let Weinsberg know what you want, bring the cash, and start living the off-grid life you see everyone embarking on these days. Just something to think about if the off-grid bug has bitten you lately.

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Images in the gallery display a number of CaraComfort model years.


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