GoSun and Camp365 Team Up To Show the Glamping Industry How Things Can and Should Be Done

Some people love lavish and impenetrable RVs that cruise the world on nothing but airbags. Then there are folks like me who don't mind getting pricked by a local bush, and the only suspension between them and the ground is the good ol' knee.
GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer 13 photos
Photo: GoSun
GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer (Road Mode)GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer InteriorGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer (Road Mode)GoSun Camp365 Travel TrailerGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer (Road Mode)GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer (Road Mode)GoSun Camp365 Travel TrailerGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer InteriorGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer BedroomGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer InteriorGoSun Camp365 Travel TrailerGoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer
It's in this spirit that two RV and glamping industry giants have teamed up to unveil what my kind of folk would only consider the ultimate outdoor habitat. I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for the tent-like camper, and this one is unlike others you may have seen before. The GoSun Camp365 is the name of the habitat we'll be exploring today, and the name tells you which two teams are involved in producing this gem.

I'm sure you've heard of both these teams as we've covered their work extensively, especially GoSun's, as they're all about camping gear powered by, you guessed it, the sun. They even have cookers that sear your meat with nothing but a parabolic effect, concentrating the sun's rays onto a central tube.

As for Camp365, this crew is responsible for an explosive camper design that is unlike any on the market. I've added images in the gallery portraying this camper and why it's so phenomenal. To makes things easy to understand, in road mode, this habitat occupies 5.95 feet (1.81 meters) in width, is 15.5 feet (4.72 meters) long, and 6.66 feet (2.03 meters) tall.

Once you've stopped and are ready to camp, watch this sucker transform into a full-blown RV with space to sleep up to six people. This is achieved with a mixture of hard composite walls and dual-layer synthetic fabric dubbed Aqualon. Pretty amazing stuff considering it can withstand temperatures as high as 150 Fahrenheit (65.6 Celsius) and –40 Fahrenheit (-40 Celsius).

GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer \(Road Mode\)
Photo: GoSun
As for the GoSun Camp365, it's precisely what you would imagine it to be, a mixture of the technologies presented by both of these teams. So, what are we getting for an MSRP of $29,500 (€28,000 at current exchange rates)? A whole lot of camper! Best of all, this bugger is complete with an entire setup of GoSun appliances and systems. You'll see what I mean shortly.

Your experience should unfold (get it, unfold) a little something as follows: you've arrived at your campsite after towing a trailer with a weight of 1,800 pounds (816 kilograms), and begin the 10-minute process of preparing your habitat. Once up and ready, you'll be able to access 700 cubic feet (19.8 cubic meters) of space and all the GoSun gear available.

Just to get a quick rundown of what's available to owners and lovers of the outdoors, imagine everything you need to enjoy camping. Things like a 40-liter fridge, a GoSun Fusion cooker like the one I described above, a water filtration system with running hot water, and even heated blankets are all part of this habitat.

GoSun Camp365 Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: GoSun
But to operate this many appliances, there has to be a rather beefy electrical system(s) in place, and there is. This is where we can see the true result of this collaboration; all the solar panels you see scattered all over the camper. It's not clear how much juice these panels can produce or how many are available, but when you consider that GoSun offers an array of power banks, the amount of solar power will depend on your needs. Need more power? Buy more battery banks. It's that simple.

As I dove deeper into this collaboration, I also noticed that camper owners can indeed purchase a complete GoSun package, separate from the Camp365, for €4,765 ($5,000 at current exchange rates). What's this mean for people like you and me? It means never having to rely on the grid to enjoy the freedom and joys associated with the mobile lifestyle.

At the end of the day, these sorts of agreements benefit not only the manufacturers of such gear but also the customer; by offering complete solutions, businesses ensure that you are as fulfilled as possible and don't buy goods from somewhere else.

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