Explore the Four Corners of the Earth in Utter Style With a Pangea-LT Expedition Vehicle

In the search for mobile habitats capable of keeping you alive in some of the world's most inhospitable places, I've decided to shed some more light on a manufacturer known for the work they achieve, Global Expedition Vehicles.
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Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles
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Folks, Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) is a crew that's been around for quite some time and started from a passion for discovery. Well, here we are, years later, taking a look at one of their more "affordable" vehicle options. I say affordable like that because the Pangea-LT is a habitat that still sees its starting price set at 420,000 USD (383,594 EUR at current exchange rates). Yes, that's just a starting price, but if you're not aware of the sort of work this crew can achieve, you'll understand shortly why you're being asked to dish out this much.

One important aspect to note about GXV is that they offer a completely customizable experience, and while the LT does have some standard features, at the end of the day, you can even choose the sort of chassis the habitat is set on. Everything from a Fuso FG to a Ford F550 and Dodge Ram 5500 is suitable for this home.

Yet, the true glory of LT is the living space and the tricks it hides. First off, you must understand that the shell features a lifting roof. This means that once you're ready to wind down for the night or following days, at the press of a button, the top raises to expose a much larger space than what you initially see.

Pangea\-LT Articulation
Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles
That body is completed from the composite sandwich panel with a thickness of 3.5 in (8.89 cm). That should ensure your interior living space is comfortable even if you decide to travel across arid deserts. Another feature worth considering is the GXV mounting system that yields a "full-compliance articulation." With this gimmick in place, each habitat can shift without stressing the frame rails.

As for the interior of LT, GXV is the sort of team that ensures you have what you need to survive and do so comfortably. Aside from classic features like a custom kitchen, dining area, sleeping space, and a fully stocked bathroom, what makes LT, and any other GXV vehicle what they are, are endless safety, electrical, plumbing, and fuel systems.

Starting with the electrical system, you'll have access to a control panel for managing all systems, countless power inlets and outlets, four 100-watt solar panels, AGM batteries, and enough LED lighting to illuminate the wild world around you. If you want to add more than what you see here, just bring along some extra cash.

Pangea\-LT Interior
Photo: Global Expedition Vehicles
Ensuring your water needs are met, GXV adds a 40-gallon (182-liter) freshwater supply to your LT and 22 gallons (100 liters) of greywater capacity. PEX water pipes will be routing your water, and a Webasto integrated heater with hot water and cabin heating will ensure you can shower no matter the temperatures outside.

To get a clear idea of what your dream LT could look like, I invite you to check out the gallery. It's here that you'll be able to appreciate all the little things GXV can do. Note the cabin pass-though, modular dinette, elevated bedroom, and clean-cut galley set up with all the storage you need for your foodstuffs. Then you have things like under-bed storage and elevated cupboards.

At the end of the day, once you're done adding countless options to make your life more comfortable, you could very well be dishing out over half a million dollars or more for a Pangea-LT, but you'll be able to call nearly every solid inch of this globe your home. Where's the first place you'd drive this to?
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