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FronTear Flagship Teardrop Camper Blends Vintage and Modern Into a Neat Package
For a moment, just close your eyes and think of the sort of mobile habitat you would buy if you had around $15,000. Whatever you imagined, I want you to forget it and get a load of the FronTear camper, a little beauty that's built to include all the essentials for a solid adventure.

FronTear Flagship Teardrop Camper Blends Vintage and Modern Into a Neat Package

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Folks, FronTear is a teardrop camper designed and built by a crew dubbed Oregon Trailer. Sometimes, they express themselves as Oregon Trail'r. But, no matter how you write their name, this team, initially started out by two brothers from Oregon, shows that they have the right stuff to make it into your garage and summer plans.

Just to get an idea of what's in store for you if you happen to want to buy a FronTear, one of the brothers, Sawyer Christianson, is a professional woodworker, and Jon Christianson is a metal fabricator, CNC operator, and an expert in a diverse range of systems. Starting to get the idea?

Now, FronTear is considered this team's flagship, and that's essential whenever you get to meet a new manufacturer. Looking closely at the images in the gallery, I got the feeling that I was looking at a classic teardrop camper, but one adapted to the modern era.

Getting right to the matter, Oregon Trailer is asking you to dish out at least 14,000 USD (12,788 EUR at current exchange rates) for a standard FronTear. For this price, you'll be getting a shell that comes in with a width of 5 ft (1.52 m), is 8 ft (2.44 m) long (including chassis), and just 4 ft (1.22 m) tall. Sure, you won't be able to stand up straight while inside, but then again, the interior is made mainly for sleeping, storage, and some entertainment. After all, you're supposed to be out on an adventure.

The chassis I mentioned is completed from square tube steel and features a powder coat. While combing through the manufacturer's website, I noticed that this crew is more than happy to take any ideas you may have and apply them to your future FronTear. It's one of the reasons you see an array of finishes and designs in the gallery.

While I'll get to the interior shortly, I'd first like to draw your attention to the rear of the trailer. It's here that you'll find the galley, and like most other campers on the market, it's accessible by a hatch that is operated by air springs.

You'll be able to find access to a primarily wooden construction for storing utensils and foodstuffs, a flush countertop with lockable storage, and a sink with a tap. Space to hide your cooktop is integrated into the wooden structure I mentioned. Since I mentioned customizability, yes, you can select from various designs and materials to create your dream galley.

As for the interior living space, it looks like a mattress for two people will be helping you rest your tired bones. Plenty of storage is found sitting above your legs with lockable cabinets, power outlets, and even the possibility to add a small entertainment center.

If you need more than this, again, let Oregon Trailer know what you'd like and go nuts. Maybe you want to integrate a stargazing window, an audio system, or dimmable lighting; the choices are yours, as long as you have the cash to meet your needs.

As I was combing the manufacturer's website for information, I realized that not much is stated about how this camper is built or what materials go into it. However, one page shows you how this crew puts a trailer together, step by step. And to see how your future travel trailer is being built is kind of neat if you ask me.

When I started this article, I mentioned that FronTear is a simple habitat that offers you the essentials to go adventuring tomorrow. Actually, about 6–7 months from now, as that's what this crew's backlog looks like. So, if you like it, get in line.


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