Dodge Challenger TRX Is the Ultimate Desert Runner, Sadly Just a Cool Dream

Dodge Challenger TRX rendering 7 photos
Photo: wb.artist20/Instagram
Dodge Challenger TRX and Charger TRX renderingsDodge Challenger TRX renderingDodge ChallengerDodge ChallengerRam 1500 TRXRam 1500 TRX
In January 2022 we were looking at a Dodge Charger TRX rendering, thinking about how cool it would be to see it morph into an actual car. Come February and the Challenger also joined the virtual TRX realm, where the Ford Bronco Raptor looks rather dull.
Just like the Charger TRX, the Challenger TRX is a forbidden fruit that mixes muscle car sportiness with the rugged aesthetics and off-road capability of the mighty Ram 1500 TRX. And surprisingly enough, the Challenger looks quite fetching with massive cladding around the wheel arches, a heavy-duty front fender, and beadlock wheels.

Would this package enable the Challenger to be just as capable as the Ram 1500 TRX on the unbeaten path? Well, of course. It would have the necessary skills to climb rocks, conquer marshes, and cross deserts at high speeds. All while posting impressive ETs at the drag strip. Because let's face it, should this TRX exist, someone would drag race it at some point.

And the cool thing about a Challenger TRX would be the possibility to have a slightly beefed-up V8 under the hood. Sure, the Ram TRX's mill is no slouch at 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet (881 Nm) of torque, but the Challenger is already set up to use the Redeye-spec Hellcat mill. Which packs a lot more punch at 797 horses and 707 pound-feet (959 Nm) of twist.

Now I won't allow myself to get too excited about a rendering, but I can't help but think about the AMC Eagle, the first vehicle that combined a passenger car body style with SUV-like ground clearance and four-wheel drive.

Produced from 1979 to 1987, the Eagle was made available in a massive variety of body configurations, including two-door coupes and hatchbacks, four-door sedans and wagons, and even a two-door convertible. And you probably already know where this is going.

With both the Charger and the Challenger looking downright fantastic (and likely doable) in TRX trim, maybe a revival of the concept wouldn't be all that far-fetched. But with the V8-powered Challenger and Charger on their way out and with no other cars in the Dodge and Chrysler lineups (except for the dated 300), it's all just a cool dream that will never happen.

Well, that's what renderings are for at the end of the day, so we might enjoy this new creation by Instagram's "wb.artist20."

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Editor's note: For illustrative purposes, the photo gallery includes images of the Dodge Challenger R/T, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and Ram 1500 TRX

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