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Dodge Charger TRX Rendering Makes the Ford Bronco Raptor Look Dull

Ford just introduced the Bronco Raptor, and, not surprisingly, everyone is freaking out. And for a good reason, because FoMoCo promises more than 400 horsepower and impressive off-roading skills. But as cool as the "baby" Raptor seems to be, the Dodge Charger TRX is way hotter.
Dodge Charger TRX rendering 9 photos
Dodge Charger TRX renderingDodge Charger TRX renderingDodge Charger TRX renderingDodge Charger TRX renderingFord Bronco RaptorFord Bronco RaptorRam 1500 TRXRam 1500 TRX
No, Dodge didn't go berzerk and turn the Charger Hellcat into an off-road beast. It's just a rendering that will never morph into a production model, but it's an insanely awesome idea. The kind that makes me want to scream, "shut up and take my money!"

Created by rendering whizz "wb.artist20," the contraption is obviously a mash-up between the range-topping Dodge Charger Hellcat and the massively potent Ram 1500 TRX truck. It's got plastic cladding around the wheel arches, off-road-prepped bumpers front and rear, and massive wheels ready to conquer everything from rocky terrain to marshes and dunes.

All while still packing the mighty Hellcat engine under the hood. Granted, the TRX's supercharged 6.2-liter V8 is not as powerful as the Charger Hellcat's at 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet (881 Nm) of twist, but who says the four-door TRX can't have a Redeye version under the hood? Yup, I'm talking about the 797-horsepower and 707-pound-foot (959-Nm) beast!

Yes, I'm well aware that the Charger TRX won't happen. I'm also well aware that the Hellcat engine will be phased out soon. But this rendering is proof that automakers don't have to stick to only SUV and pickup truck body styles for off-road vehicles.

A sleek four-door sedan or even a two-door coupe would look cool with SUV-style cladding and off-road wheels. And it's not such a wild idea anyway because American Motors Corporation (AMC) already did it with the Eagle in the 1980s.

This concept needs to return. And it doesn't even have to come with a beefed-up V8. A fuel-efficient four-cylinder with at least 300 horsepower would do. As would a hybrid drivetrain or even an all-electric setup. The stuff of dreams, I know, but hope is all we got.

So what do you think? Is this a cool spin-off of the Dodge Charger? Or is the Ford Bronco better suited for this role? Let me know in the comments section below.

Editor's note: For illustrative purposes, the photo gallery also includes images of the Ram 1500 TRX and the Ford Bronco Raptor.


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