A Day of Detailing Before Selling Your Car Can Make All the Difference, Video Shows

The most comfortable way of getting rid of your car except for selling it to an acquaintance, relative, or friend who already is familiar with it is to trade it in when buying a newer vehicle. However, trading it in might not be the best value for you, as the dealer will not want to pay its full market value. So, what can you do?
2006 Acura RL before getting detailed 7 photos
2006 Acura RL before getting detailed2006 Acura RL before getting detailed2006 Acura RL before getting detailed2006 Acura RL before getting detailed2006 Acura RL before getting detailed2006 Acura RL before getting detailed
If you want to go and sell your vehicle on the open market or try to get the best possible value for a trade-in, it would be wise to get it as clean as possible when the potential buyer evaluates it. Evidently, it should be just as clean when you take pictures of it and post the ad online because otherwise, people will not be interested in buying it. This also applies to older vehicles, mind you.

Now, it is clear that not everyone is an expert at car detailing, but there are companies that handle these services. One of them is AMMO NYC, which was founded by Larry Kosilla, and he takes us through the steps of a day of detailing. Kosilla is an expert at his craft, but he has taken the time to explain the steps that can be taken for those who are attempting this at a self-service wash.

The goal is to have a clean vehicle, inside and out, which will shine as close as when it was new. Do not forget to take into account the fact that the work being done to the vehicle will have to dry before it is evaluated by a potential buyer. And be sure to take plenty of time into account for the work.

For example, if this has taken an expert detailer a day of work, it will take a novice more than twice to achieve something close if the starting point is similar.

If a vehicle is already rather clean, detailing it may only take a day. Again, plan your workload accordingly, and do it well ahead of the moment when the vehicle is shown to its potential buyer.

With that behind us, watch Larry demonstrate his expertise and see how much money a 2006 Acura RL sold for after it was detailed by a professional. Keep in mind that its owner was offered $1,500 for it before it was cleaned.

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