3-Year-Old Kid Laughs Off Ferrari's SF90 Child Seat Recall by Using Driver's Seat Instead

Vehicle recalls are no laughing matter, especially when they involve a Ferrari SF90 capable of reaching neck-breaking speeds... unless you're this kid who even drove it on a track. At three years old, he's already doing what most people would never have expected, which sounds very Ferrari-like.
Zayn Sofuoglu driving a Ferrari SF90 11 photos
Photo: Instagram/zaynsofuoglu
Ferrari SF90 crashFerrari SF90 StradaleFerrari SF90 StradaleFerrari SF90 StradaleFerrari SF90 StradaleZayn Sofuoglu  andFerrari SF90 StradaleZayn Sofuoglu  andFerrari SF90 StradaleZayn Sofuoglu  andFerrari SF90 StradaleZayn Sofuoglu  andFerrari SF90 StradaleZayn Sofuoglu
The SF90 certainly challenges any preconceived notions of what a Ferrari should be like. For starters, it's a plug-in hybrid featuring an all-wheel drive system – not exactly characteristics that you would associate with cars bearing the famous prancing horse logo. Aside from being the quickest production car the automaker ever produced, the SF90 also has the most tech features of any Ferrari.

Did I mention it has steering wheel touch controls? Needless to say, it's a Ferrari that dares to go where no other past model has ever been before, showing things consumers would never think they would see in a Prancing Horse. As technologically impressive as the SF90 may be, it still isn't free of any faults, with the flagship model being recalled earlier this month.

The SF90 recall was due to concerns over how its passenger-side airbags were deployed, which could cause potential harm to youngsters sitting in child seats. However, an Instagram post that surfaced weeks later shows a kid who circumvented that problem by climbing into a child seat fitted onto the driver's side instead.

The tiny racer, who goes by the Instagram username zaynsofuoglu, can be seen channeling the SF90's defiant and intrepid energy, even doing short laps while manually paddle-shifting along the way.

Zayn is probably the only one among his peers who can say they actually drove an SF90 on a legitimate race track. It makes one wonder whether driving a clost to 1,000 hp supercar is truly as easy as this tenacious tyke makes it look. What makes watching this stunt feel particularly unnerving, however, is the fact that Italy's halo car has a penchant for accidents.

A history of going fast and getting smashed

For a car that costs over half a million dollars, it's easy to assume nobody would ever want to risk driving their Ferrari SF90 fast to the point of crashing it. But the number of documented crashes involving the infamous supercar says otherwise. Such cases have been piling up over the years, with a handful occurring in 2022 alone.

In early 2022, a mangled SF90 which reportedly crashed into five other cars was found abandoned in the UK. Similar cases have been happening across the globe; one unit allegedly belonging to a billionaire was completely totaled in a highway accident in Mumbai later that year, while another badly defaced example was spotted in a parking space in Germany the following month. Since these supercars were also hybrids, that means they contain potentially flammable batteries – another cause for concern in crashes.

In 2021, a prototype unit spun out of control, crashed into barriers multiple times, and to make matters worse, its battery even sparked a fire afterward. Amazingly, none of the said cases mentioned any fatalities, suggesting that the car was able to keep its passengers relatively safe.

While the notion might make watching the video a bit more comforting, in no way does it guarantee a child's safety when they operate the vehicle by themselves. It would be irresponsible to leave a child in its driver's seat, let alone film them driving it. However, the kid in the video above is not your average three-year-old, and this wasn't his first time, either.

Speed runs in the family

It's unclear how many attempts it took young Zayn to convincingly drive almost like a professional racer in the video, or how much of it was edited to make it appear that way, at least. Regardless, it's a cheeky stunt that's as impressive as it's disturbing to watch. Any parent would be terrified of seeing their kid in the driver's seat like this, but not Zayn's dad – who happens to be decorated Turkish motorcycle racer Kenan Sofuoglu.

The five-time Supersport World Championship winner is no stranger when it comes to pulling off death-defying stunts. In 2016, Sofuoglu reached almost 250 mph (400 km/h, to be exact) on a Kawasaki Ninja H2R in just 26 seconds. If Zayn is anything like his pops, then it shouldn't be surprising to see him doing something just as daring in a Ferrari SF90 as well.

But this isn't Zayn's first time driving the fastest Ferrari supercar ever made, as he already had some practice before. In a video posted back in February, Zayn can be seen parking an SF90 Stradale while narrowly avoiding obstacles, which doesn't look easy, especially for a kid his age. Although Zayn is barely tall enough to reach the steering wheel, that didn't stop him from driving other vehicles, including full-sized sports bikes.

Additionally, the youngest supercar driver is known for posting videos of him driving go-karts on professional tracks on numerous occasions as well, so yes, speed is definitely in this family's DNA. Before you get any funny ideas about putting your little ones behind the wheel of your car, remember: drivable, pint-sized cars made specifically for children do exist.
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