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VanMoof Launches Cheaper S4 and X4 E-Bikes: Simpler, More Accessible, More Reliable

Electric bikes are on their way to becoming the most common electric transportation means in major cities across the globe. Equipped with a motor and an easy-to-use, intuitive control system, e-bikes are changing the way city dwellers get around.
VanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikes 7 photos
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VanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikesVanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikesVanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikesVanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikesVanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikesVanMoof introduces S4 and X4 electric bikes
However, e-bikes tend to have more expensive components than regular bicycles, which significantly drives their prices up. In order to get more people on two wheels, manufacturers are looking for solutions to build more budget-friendly e-bikes.

VanMoof is one of those manufacturers who want to make their e-bikes accessible to more categories of riders. The Dutch electric bike maker has just introduced two new e-bikes, the S4 and X4, which represent the company’s attempt at a "more simple, more accessible and more reliable" e-bike.

The new models are designed to deliver the same premium features and build quality the brand is known for but at a substantially lower price point. Priced at $2,498, the new two-wheelers cost $1,000 less than VanMoof’s top-of-the-range S5 and X5 models, but they are still not on the cheap side. But for this money, you can rest assured you get a high-quality bike that you can rely on for both your daily commute and recreational cruises.

Leveraging over 13 years of experience in bike-building innovation, VanMoof has created its most accessible and reliable ride yet, an attempt at a mid-range urban two-wheeler. The cheaper S4 and X4 e-bikes share the iconic frame shapes of the company’s S3 and X3 models launched in 2020 but have been entirely rebuilt to incorporate the very best of the brand’s technological innovation. As with previous models, the S4 is the larger diamond frame model, while the X4 features a more compact frame and rides on smaller wheels.

"One of the hardest things in life is to make things more simple. With the S4 & X4, we’ve mastered the art of simplification to make our e-bikes more accessible and reliable than ever," said Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof.

One significant simplification for the new S4 and X4 models is the shift to adaptive motor support and the inclusion of a two-speed gear hub (VanMoof’s previous SX5 series was launched with a three-speed gear system). The bicycles thus offer a lower gear for acceleration and incline and a higher gear for flatland riding at top speed.

Speaking of speed, both new e-bikes are able to hit a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph) and provide four power modes as well as Turbo Boost for instant acceleration.

The built-in battery will provide riders with up to 87 miles (140 km) of range in economy mode. The range will drastically decrease to about 37 miles (60 km) with full power. The good news is the battery will recharge to 50% in just 90 minutes, while a full recharge will take 4.5 hours. Moreover, a range-extending power pack is available, and it will help extend the range to 149 miles (240 km).

The S4 e-bike model rides on 27.5-inch wheels and tips the scales at 47.6 pounds (21.6 kg), while its smaller sibling weighs in at 44.7 pounds (20.3 kg) and has 24-inch wheels.

In terms of aesthetics, the biggest difference is the bold range of colors available, including Evergreen, Foam Green, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog, and Foam Green.

Other noteworthy features include anti-theft nuts and bolts, an integrated Kick Lock that secures the rear wheel with a tap, and an SP Connect phone mount. Owners can also add a front basket or rear carrier accessories. There is also an accompanying app for the X4 and S4 e-bikes offering smart features like GSM location tracking, remote lockdown, and auto rider recognition, which also help prevent theft.

The new VanMoof S4 and X4 electric bikes are already available to preorder on the company's website. Both models are set to launch in the US and Europe this May, while clients in the UK will get them in June.
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