The Mind-Blowingly Cheap Condor Prefabricated Home Takes Flight in Just a Few Hours

A few months ago, I covered a European tiny and prefabricated house manufacturer named Nidus. Blown away by their approach to downsized living with the Dove home, I decided to check back on this crew to see what they're up to. Sure enough, they've done it again, showcasing what's known as the Condor.
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Today, we're going to be taking a little lifestyle journey through a prefabricated home dubbed the Condor. The minds behind this turn-key habitat? None other than Nidus, a crew from Eastern Europe able to manipulate wood and other natural materials into just about any dwelling or structure you can think of.

However, Nidus is part of a much larger crew and one with a well-established presence on the European market, Miradex. With a background in building farms, churches, homes, and even office buildings, it's no wonder that the Condor, a one-story home with a loft, can cruise in with a starting price of just €29,000 ($30,200 at current exchange rates for a three-module unit).

A larger, four-module unit also exists and starts at €49,000 ($51,000) but includes two lofts and office space. As a side note, those rates don't include site preparation, assembly, or features like a skylight, deck, or outdoor garage. Still, if you've got a little plot of land ready, the rest shouldn't cost you too much. I'll skip over the 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) of cellulose insulation, wooden frame, integrated sewage pipes, and 15-year warranty and get right into the life you can lead with a Condor, no matter the size.

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Maybe you own a little plot of land like the one I've mentioned, and it sits perfectly perched on the edge of some sea or lake. Don't worry; you won't need much, just around 50 square meters (528 square feet) or 88 square meters (947 square feet) of space. Once you've gotten this stage out of the way, just sit back and watch your home come to life in a fraction of the time compared to traditional habitats.

Oh, and don't start thinking it's going to take weeks to complete; in just a few hours, your Condor is ready to be painted and furnished. Sure, all the interior design will take a few more days, but you can sleep in the shell the day you receive it. Think of it as a shelter you just ran across while hiking some trail.

Once you're done filling the Condor with all that represent your lifestyle needs, it's time to access a home designed and built to handle year-round living. Upon entering your dwelling, one of the first spaces you'll encounter is the living room. It's here that you probably added that modular couch and entertainment center.

Towards the rear, the unit is split into two simple halves and presents a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen. Considering you'll spend some cash adding furnishings and systems to the Conor, bring along some extra bucks to really make it pop.

Condor Living Room
Photo: Nidus MNH
If you've selected the smaller unit for your needs, you'll only be able to access just one loft. If you've chosen the larger build, two lofts will be available to you, helping extend your storage or sleeping needs. Go ahead, invite your friends. If you're a lone wolf or just living it up with your Omega, the smaller habitat should be more than enough for an adventurous lifestyle.

Maybe you're not into adventures and just love to make money. If that's the case, with a price like this and a few thousands of dollars more, you could very well transform the Condor into something else entirely, an off-grid rental unit overlooking the local mountain range.

At the end of the day, how you use a Condor is entirely your decision; Nidus is just there to offer you a solid base upon which to unfurl those lifestyle choices. Looking to be a part of the housing crisis solution? This is just one option available to you.

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