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Ayfraym Plus Is the Modern Adventure Cave: Boasts Two Floors, a Loft, and a Two-Car Garage
"I'm telling you, man. It looks like nothing more than a pyramid rising out of the landscape. I thought I was visiting Egypt, but with trees and a lake nearby; no sand either." "I'm sorry, I just can't picture it." "Fine. Here, read this."

Ayfraym Plus Is the Modern Adventure Cave: Boasts Two Floors, a Loft, and a Two-Car Garage

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Yes, indeed, read this little article to see what I like to consider a very modern and homey pyramid designed and built for the little pharaohs among us. It's called the Ayfraym Plus, and it's the work of a crew dubbed Everywhere, Inc. The name alone should offer insight into what you could expect from this team. Coupled with the images in the gallery, I'm sure your grey matter wheels have already begun turning and are building an idea as we speak.

If you've never heard of Everywhere, it's because they're a relatively new team on the RV, tiny home, and prefabricated scene, having only been around since 2017; just five years. Nonetheless, having started this business out of a passion for mobile living, even living out of a 30-foot (9.1-meter) trailer with his family, Brand Winnie pushed forward. Today, we're awarded several trailers or tiny homes. Then there are the A-frame cabins this crew builds, and the Plus is the peak of this team's abilities.

Ok. Sure, it may not be the most mobile home ever, but considering that Everywhere can build you a Plus anywhere there's an available foundation, I figured it would be nice to see the level we've reached with off-grid living.

As I mentioned, the Plus requires a foundation, and while this typically means that you also need life-giving systems such as electrical, water, and heating, typically handled by connecting to a grid, the fact that this cabin boasts 2,359 square feet (219 square meters) of available space, you could easily add rain-catching systems, solar panels, and even handle residual waste, all with aftermarket equipment. Sure, you'll pay extra, but look how you'll live it up!

Inspecting the Plus floorplan, it soon becomes apparent just what can be achieved with that much space. Some of the available areas include a two-car garage, three bedrooms, maybe more if you sacrifice the living room, a massive island kitchen, two bathrooms, and endless exterior deck space on the first and second floors. And that's just the beginning of things.

Imagine for a moment that you own a Plus, and once Friday afternoon rolls around, it's time to take that weekly drive out to the mountains, to that place where only you, Everywhere, and the government knows the whereabouts. As you near your abode, you begin to see the structure peaking from behind that hill you've chosen to hide behind.

With the press of a button, your garage doors open, revealing space for your truck, Tesla, or whatever ride you're sporting. Since you've decided to transform this home into a tech-filled box, the rest of the features can just be activated directly from your smart device. Maybe you started the heater and boilers before you even left the city, ensuring you find your optimum escape.

Once inside the living space, you head towards the first-floor bathroom, losing articles of clothing along the way. Funny enough, there's water on the floor, meaning someone beat you here today. But who? You take a shower expecting Jason (Friday the 13th) to pop in and say hello. But, deep down, you know it's just your significant other who's now probably waiting for you on the second-floor balcony with your favorite tea.

With the weekend underway and adventure plans laid out before you, there's nothing more to do than enjoy the view. Since a few friends will be joining you the day after tomorrow, you decide to sleep in the upstairs bedroom, privacy and all, and once the gang arrives in the morning, it's time to bust out the firepits, e-MTBs, kayaks, and those ATVs you have in your garage. Dang, the sort of lifestyle you can achieve if you've got the bucks!

Speaking of bucks, yes, this sucker is massive, and material costs alone amount to around $200K (€192K at current exchange rates). By the time you're done decking your Ayfraym Plus to your off-grid and lifestyle standards, you could be looking at a half-million-dollar home. Still, that's one sweet adventure cave.

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