Momoco's $16K M-Studio Container Home Promises To Be Your Complete Off-Grid Solution

While searching for off-grid habitats, I've decided to shed some more light on a crew I ran across just last year, Momoco, a designer and builder of container homes like very few around. Let's take the M-Studio as the perfect example of how this crew likes to roll.
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Photo: Momoco
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Folks, Momoco is one of those crews that decided to do the whole thing (off-grid container homes) differently. Born in 2017 in Chonburi, Thailand, to design and manufacture container homes of every size and style, even large four-room villas, they've managed to stay alive in an industry that appears to be losing some ground.

One way to see why this crew is still up and running is to simply take a look at one of their works, in this case, the M-Studio. Why bring to light another off-grid dwelling made out of shipping containers? Simply because this could very well be one of the most complete yet simple container homes I've seen in quite some time. Above all, everything you see in the image gallery starts at no more than $15,900 (€15,800 at current exchange rates). That alone should be enough to catch your interest.

If you still need some help figuring out if this is the sort of semi-mobile habitat (it requires a platform and possibly a crane to be relocated) you wish for, let's take a quick journey through our imagination. You can start this daydream pretending you just bought an M-Studio and are waiting for it to be dropped off on that little plot of land overlooking the local mountains. Maybe you're a fan of the beach.

M\-Studio Interior
Photo: Momoco
Honestly, it doesn't matter where you finally set this dwelling; it'll still unravel its magic unto you. Part of that magic begins with the exterior of the M. Since shipping containers aren't necessarily to be lived out of, the M undergoes heavy fortification to support furnishings and to protect the interior from the elements.

UPVC window and sliding door frames ensure the interior stays nice and warm, while floor-to-ceiling glass lets ample light into the home. Oh, the walls also feature an R24 rating, while the roof boasts an R38.9 rating. Mountain getaway, anyone? You may need to check if the top can support snow loads, however.

Beyond that, you need to do nothing to enjoy your studio dwelling except move in and possibly add some finishing touches to the décor. Spaces like the bathroom are ready with a walk-in shower, glass separator, toilet, and vanity, accessible by a sliding interior door. At the same time, the kitchen is equipped for your foodstuffs, utensils, cold beers, or maybe wine, not to mention everything you need to whip up three-course meals and do it without making a mess.

M\-Studio Interior Murphy Bed
Photo: Momoco
As for the main room, a queen bed sits underneath a wonderful library and is surrounded on two sides by those immense glass walls you see. Now, it's not stated that this is a Murphy bed, but Momoco does display this feature as part of the design; it's the best way to free up extra space for daytime activities.

To take things a bit further and offer you a genuinely off-grid dwelling, Momoco displays several upgrades, of which solar panels are a part. You may need to check the 200-amp control panel and possibly add batteries, but the benefit is that you won't rely on the grid for power, the true beauty of downsized living.

At the end of the day, Momoco appears to be the sort of team willing to listen to and then execute all your off-grid ideas, as long as you've got the extra cash. Just a little something-something if you're looking for a decent vacation home propped up on some beach somewhere.
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