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The Aurora Tiny Home Is What Happens When an RV Manufacturer Shifts Its Skills and Focus
I recently started exploring an RV manufacturer dubbed Adria Mobil, a Slovenian company with an innate ability to offer affordable and equipped RVs to future owners. Well, another part of this company designs and manufactures downright mobile homes that require a crane and 18-wheeler just to move to the next adventure.

The Aurora Tiny Home Is What Happens When an RV Manufacturer Shifts Its Skills and Focus

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Folks, ever since 1965, the name Adria has been a name synonymous with RVing and the mobile lifestyle. Still, I was astonished to learn that this manufacturer designs and builds entire dwellings that you can consider home. With this in mind, we'll be exploring one of the largest mobile homes this crew has to offer.

It's called the Aurora, and aside from it being an all-season abode to keep your adventurous side fulfilled, it's a downright massive home complete with features and layouts typically encountered in traditional stationary homes. Let's look at the lifestyle you can obtain from one of Europe's leading RV and mobile living experts.

Diving right into all that is the Aurora, I discovered that there are multiple floorplans and styles you can choose from. Best of all, Adria seems to have drifted away from using typical shipping containers to yield this dwelling, which means that spaces can be tuned to your liking for a price. After all, a wooden structure is used to build each home, and that means you can customize things.

For the sake of argument, I've chosen one of the Aurora's floorplans to express just about everything possible with this adventure cave. Simply dubbed the 907, it's the largest unit that Adria offers as it can be equipped with seven beds.

Beds aside, it's the way this home unfolds its spaces and features that are the real attraction here. Entry can be made via three walls and two massive sliding glass doors. If you have the extra cash to set up an outdoor patio, the sliding glass doors should be an excellent feature to add. Other units don't have as many such entries, so take the time to see which unit would be more fitting for your lifestyle.

As for the 907, imagine that you and six other friends have taken it upon you to spend a week in your dwelling. With three bedrooms and a modular couch, all will receive the rest they need to explore the following day. With this many people, another welcome aspect of the 907 is that it features two bathrooms, so there is no waiting in line impatiently to pay the water bill.

Just an idea, if you don't have the largest group of friends, one thing you can do is repurpose a smaller bedroom into a hefty gear garage or storage room. This means you no longer need to hitch a trailer behind your vehicle as you head out to your wild abode; everything is just waiting for you.

While imagining my life with an Aurora, I couldn't help but notice the materials used in completing each home. With traditional European-style flooring, minimalist furnishings, and an array of trim packages, these units cannot help but feel like a conventional home; the eye is deceived.

Regarding pricing for one of these buggers, I was pressed hard to find any details. It seems that Adria Home wants you to give them a call. After all, it's the best way to get a feel for what's in store for future owners of such a mobile home. And don't forget to factor in any customizing you may have in mind.

At the end of the day, homes like these usually require quite the pretty penny to be dropped on them. However, let's not forget what we'll be owning, a home that you can move around the country whenever you feel like it. The true beauty of tiny and mobile living.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery showcase a number of Aurora mobile homes, floorplans, and custom interiors.


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