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Luxury 40 Gooseneck Trailer Home Can Be Considered a "Sleeper" in Every Sense of the Word
"I'm telling you, it's right there in the name, Luxury 40. That's what you can expect to find inside. Sure, it may not look like it from the outside, but wait till you see the inside." "All right. I'll take a look. Ok, see, when you said luxury, I was expecting something more in line with this exterior. I guess this is what they call a 'sleeper,' in every sense of the word."

Luxury 40 Gooseneck Trailer Home Can Be Considered a "Sleeper" in Every Sense of the Word

Luxury 40 InteriorLuxury 40 InteriorLuxury 40 TubLuxury 40 InteriorLuxury 40 FireplaceLuxury 40 InteriorLuxury 40 BthroomLuxury 40 BedroomLuxury 40Luxury 40Luxury 40 Interior
The conversation above is between two imaginary characters to whom we could all relate, a salesman and a potential buyer. Funny enough, the dealership that may be handling the deal on the Luxury 40 tiny house won't need to try very hard; it's basically one of those units that sell itself.

The minds behind this beautifully crafted home? None other than Hummingbird Tiny Housing, a team whose work we've featured before. So, why would I be showing off even more of their work? Simply because they've been in the tiny home designing and manufacturing business since 2010 and are among one of the first crews from Georgia, U.S.A., to take this industry very seriously.

Before we continue this little story on the Luxury 40, let me point out that the models and interiors you're witnessing in the gallery are custom. Furthermore, if you really want to give this unit a try before you buy one, you can. Hummingbird Tiny Housing has quite the fan base, and with that come countless B&B owners that rent their Luxury 40 out to adventurous and nature-loving guests.

Yes, you too can experience the wonder that a 40-foot (12.2-meter) mobile home can offer, and oh, what an experience. To get a small taste, we're going to take a small journey through our minds. During this journey, I want you to imagine that you are either a guest in the Luxury 40 or the owner. Whichever you choose, go nuts and be free. Here's a taste of what you could feel.

You open your eyes in the morning to the sound of birds chirping instead of the usual car horns, alarms, and ambulances. You look out one of the 13 windows that tatter the model in the gallery, and as you turn over to your significant other, a smile creeps across your face. You give him or her a kiss to not wake them and head downstairs to access a fully stocked kitchen for your morning ritual.

Because you're on vacation in the middle of the wilderness, you decide to start the morning with a cup of coffee while soaking in the tub. The running water wakes your spouse, and you both enjoy a hot cup of joe in a hot tub of water, just watching the sun rise over the horizon and the local fauna doing its thing.

With skin all pruned up, you dry off and prepare for the day's activities. Sure, there is space to bring along kayaks, e-bikes, and other adventure gear, but this time around, we're just going to be lazy; kick back on the porch, set up a grill or firepit, maybe even catch a firefly or two. Over the course of the day, you've used the kitchen a couple of times and took a siesta on the couch while watching a fireplace. Come evening, a video projector and Polk Audio system give the bears and wolves something to talk about the next day.

At the end of the day, how much you spend on such a unit depends on the amount of customization and personalization that you seek, not to mention functionality. But expect prices to start around $80,000 (€76,000 at current exchange rates), and with another $40,000, you can turn this beauty into a mobile dream home. That's nearly half the price of a landlocked habitat. Not getting along with the neighbors? I think we all know the solution.

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