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You Deserve a Prefabricated "Studio" Beach House: Off-Grid Living With Minimal Footprint
There's just something about hanging out in the middle of nowhere with no one around for miles. Maybe it's the lack of souls telling you what to do, or it could be the utter peace of nature that you feel. Whatever the reasons for loving mobile and prefabricated living, this next one is for you.

You Deserve a Prefabricated "Studio" Beach House: Off-Grid Living With Minimal Footprint

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In my search for simple yet amazing habitats capable of just up and moving whenever they feel like it, I've arrived in Australia. It's here that I ran across Matt Williams Architects, a little group out of Hobart, Tasmania, with a knack for helping clients attain the habitats of their dreams. Since they've been on the market, they've produced structures for commercial, institutional, and residential clients, all with the same level of expertise and eye-catching designs.

Well, one job they've recently completed for a client out in Dolphin Sands is this prefabricated "Studio," and why I chose to bring it to your attention is because of the way this sucker is built. It's a testament to the fact that you don't need to spend some unimaginable amount of cash to be part of a truly off-grid experience.

Now, one of the main challenges of this project was to keep the surrounding lands as pristine as possible; the owners wanted a "refuge" and "retreat" with minimal site disturbance. In plain words, they asked for a habitat that's at one with the surrounding area. Frankly, looking at the Studio, I believe Matt Williams achieved their goal. Heck, pick an image, remove the Studio, and what's left? Nothing but a bed of sand. Oh, some life systems are hidden in said sand, but easy in, easy out. Again, nothing but a pit of silica will remain once the sands of time have dissipated.

For the next few minutes, I want you to imagine that you own the Studio. After a long week's work, you arrive at your hidden abode in the middle of pristine natural beauty. Heck, you may even need to battle a stork or grouchy seabird just to get inside. Australia? Snakes should be all in the day's business, although I'm not so sure about Tasmania; they're more into devils.

With the local wildlife departed from the premises, you sit and stare at the conical habitat you'll call home for the next few days. A wooden deck sits in front of the Studio, inviting you to tea and alfresco dinner parties, while lacquered wood exterior paneling brings a smooth and nature-filled appearance to the home. To the right of the entrance, an outdoor shower is installed to help you get rid of sand before stepping inside. A slanted metallic roof yields a solid drainage system if a storm runs through the land.

Once inside the Studio, your first impression may be, "What the! Chipboard?" Yes, particle board or wood chipboard; that's what the walls and paneling are built out of. Sure, this material is less expensive and durable than solid wood panels, but with proper furnishings, it doesn't look bad. Hey, with a nice layer of primer, you should also be set to cover the walls with your favorite color tones.

One aspect I really enjoy about the Studio is its ability to integrate itself into its surroundings, in the process, placing you in the center of the action. For example, the large deck doors open to reveal an entrance covering more than half of the wall's length, and an extensive reading nook with floor-to-wall windows lie in wait to offer a protected view of the landscape. The result? Total freedom of movement and visibility.

At the end of the day, a price for the Studio has not been revealed. But, if you like what you've seen, give Matt Williams a call and ask away. If you get some insane number in terms of price, ask again; the rate may have been in Australian dollars. Nonetheless, that particle board shouldn't fetch too much, leaving you with enough moolah to go nuts on the interior design. Looking to live off-grid?


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