Live Out Your Special Forces Fantasies With This Spectacular Inkas Sentry

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Photo: Inkas
Inkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPVInkas Sentry MPV
They say boys never really grow up. Their toys get bigger and more expensive. And it's true, up to a point, as most of us keep dreaming about what kinds of rides we would blow most of our money on if we ever win the lottery or inherit a large sum from a rich uncle that we don't know about.
Just like there is no perfect rod for fishing nor a universal golf club that's suitable for all scenarios, we can all agree that there is no ideal car that can completely quench our thirst. Every gearhead should have a fun ride for weekends, a comfortable and preferably luxurious daily with a big engine under the hood, and a high-rider for when the weather gets rough.

From here on, the sky is the limit or, better said, the number of zeros in our bank accounts, as this is what keeps us from living out our car-related childhood dreams. Be it a classic or a modern supercar (or both), a premium sedan with a good-old V12 resting under the hood, preferably one you can balance a nickel on (ahem, Rolls-Royce), or an apocalypse-ready machine with go-anywhere capabilities.

What's the first model that comes to mind when thinking of the latter category? Is it a Toyota Land Cruiser modified to the teeth that can carve its own path through the woods? A six-wheel drive Mercedes G-Wagen, Jeep Gladiator, Land Rover Defender, and so on? A body-on-frame van that doubles as a home on wheels? An ex-military vehicle?

Inkas Sentry MPV
Photo: Inkas
Whatever your answer may be, chances are the Inkas Sentry name won't cross your mind. And why would it, after all? It's not like it's something that would pop up on your social media feed, as no celeb is going to want to roll around in one for multiple reasons. First and most important, it's not flashy, not in the purest sense of the word. Second, it’s not the most comfortable. Third, it's not fast. And fourth, it's not an EV, and most of the jet set, alongside a good chunk of the automotive industry, has stepped foot in this direction.

But what exactly is an Inkas Sentry? Well, it is a Ford F-550-based military vehicle with lots of modifications. It has distinct suspension components, heavy-duty brakes, a special body on top of the chassis, and a dedicated interior. It can also save the lives of its occupants if things go south courtesy of the BR6 armoring. This is the highest level of civilian protection allowed without special permits, and it can withstand shots fired from assault rifles (including the AK-47) and the explosion of two hand grenades.

Contributing to the special flair are the 360-degree surveillance cameras that can record and store the videos in the cloud, night vision, a chemical protection system, emergency lights, a crowd-control barrier, a siren, and others. The usual gear, such as voice assistant, smartphone integration, and so on, is also present, thus making life onboard a bit more modern. As for the firepower, a 6.7-liter turbodiesel supplies it, producing 330 horsepower at 2,600 rpm, sent to the four-wheel drive system via a ten-speed automatic gearbox.

Inkas Sentry MPV
Photo: Inkas
Inkas says the Sentry, which is the MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) variant in this case, measures 233.4 inches (5,928 mm) from bumper to bumper, is 95.7 inches (2,432 mm) wide, and 98.9 inches (2,511 mm) tall. It has 145 inches (3,683 mm) between the axles and a fuel tank capacity of 40 gallons (151 liters). Inside, it offers seating for 4-6 occupants and their gear, and the adaptable turret is something else that needs to be mentioned.

Mind you, no matter how badly you may want an Inkas Sentry MPV in your life, you cannot buy one. The company's official website, which is where we found the ad for the pictured machine, says this vehicle is not for civilian use/sale, as it can only be bought by "qualified law enforcement, commercial, or institutional bodies only." But don't worry about it, as while the Sentry MPV may not be the one for you, the Sentry Civilian is.

It is basically the same ride minus a few gizmos, and just like this more extreme model, it is also fully road legal, boats ballistic protection, and looks like it's ready for the apocalypse. We couldn't tell you exactly how much you will have to pay for one, but it is obviously one of those cases where if you have to ask, chances are you cannot afford it. However, certain outlets report that it is around $350,000, so you should be loaded if you plan on buying an Inkas Sentry Civilian. We know we (okay, I) would if I had that kind of money lying around, and I'd use it on a daily basis. Hey, we only live once, don't we?

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