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Photo: CRN Yachts / Ferretti S.p.A.
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The world of yachting is a big place. Considering superyacht sales have nearly tripled in the past few years, it seems to only be getting bigger and bigger. Well, one design we have missed is the Voice, a 203-foot (62-meter) behemoth that displays the finer things in life for those with a worthy bank account.
Folks, one of the superyachts floating around on the world's waters is the Voice, a 203-foot machine aimed at the finest creature comforts this life has to offer. Best of all, it's been designed by the highly acclaimed Nuvolari Lenard and assembled by CRN Engineering, two crews responsible for floating luxury islands, as I like to call them. If you're familiar with these two teams, great; if not, this piece on the Voice should help you understand how some lucky humans are living it up under a British Virgin Islands flag.

Let's explore the exterior and interior design this ship showcases. Here is where we see the magic of Nuvolari Lenard mixed with the owner's vision of their perfect getaway. Like most superyachts floating around, Voice, too, is crafted with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. But what stands out the most is the massive curve the hull follows towards the rear of the ship. It appears as though the vessel is rising out of the water, all majestic-like. With a black paint coat on top of it all, from certain angles, the ship seems to disappear into the surrounding waters.

This line also affects how much of the superstructure is visible, revealing more of the rear rather than the front of each deck. The only two decks unaffected by the hull are the top two, of which a rooftop space boasts the classic jacuzzi and places to lounge and soak up some sun. This feature is a must for those looking to brandish their wealth. After all, nothing screams luxury and money like rolling into port on a 203-foot motorized ark with you taking in bubbles from the hot tub and from the champagne too.

Voice Superyacht
Photo: CRN Yachts / Ferretti S.p.A.
Since sources feature no images of the interior of Voice, all we're privy to appreciating and discussing is the exterior of the machine. However, we can still get a feel for the level of craftsmanship that Nuvolari brings to the table by taking a brief look at previous and future models that see this group's touch, in particular Centerfold, a concept sure to grab some billionaires' attention.

I've added images of the interior of the Centerfold concept to offer a solid idea of the interior design Nuvolari can bestow upon its clients. Exterior decks and al fresco areas are lined with poolside seating, outdoor bars, and dining areas. Tasteful lighting and an exquisite blend between semiprecious metals and wood are sure to invite your senses to exploration no matter who you are. Sunbeds are part of the mix too, and if we consider that Voice also includes several outdoor spaces, we can expect similar amenities.

Now, in those 203 feet is hidden an interior we may never step into unless your price is right, and if it is, you and 11 other guests will be spending time in six cabins surrounded only by luxuries that millions of dollars can buy. But what else is hidden in the rest of the space made up of a 38-foot (11.5-meter) beam? Because privacy is of the utmost importance in this industry, people like me may never know; I don't have the cash to charter something like this, which brings me to my next point.

Even though this beast is up for charter, most companies in on the action urge you to inquire about the craft through an e-mail or phone call, ensuring a smooth sale, wink wink. But, if you have the cash to take this puppy out for a spin, it'll stand as the Voice of your financial status. Not to worry either; I'm sure there are several activities you can participate in and toys to take out for a spin. There is a tender garage, the jacuzzi I mentioned, and a swimming platform, but the rest you have to "enquire" about.

Centerfold Superyacht Decks
Photo: Nuvolari Lenard
If you do, imagine being a guest upon the Voice; maybe you're the owner. You'll wake up in the morning, possibly hung over from drinking the night before. You put on a loose cotton tunic, pull up a pair of swimming trunks, and skip over the slippers; barefoot, it is. With eyes half-asleep, you head towards one of the outdoor dining areas encountering "Good mornings" along the way. You just wave and smile.

Finally, at the table where you'll be enjoying your breakfast and baking in the morning sun, you continue walking and fall into the pool. You just sit there, floating, letting H2O cradle you in its arms, refreshing your bones. Some of your buddies start laughing and a smile creeps across your face too. Upon grabbing an extended hand, you take a seat at the table where you planned on stopping, slightly refreshed, but nothing a solid breakfast can't cure. I'd start with a glass of bubbly to smoothen out the hangover. Once you've regained your proverbial sea legs, it's time to do whatever you want. Sounds like a good life to me.

As for the folks that put this dream together, CRN, they've been working out of Italy since 1963. Since those first few days, they've climbed to the top of the industry ladder and are now sought after for their ability to make dreams like the Voice a reality. If you've got the bank account and want something of this magnitude and ability, CRN is one of the crews that may end up building your floating fantasy mobile. I think I may need to reassess what I do for a living because I want my Voice to be heard too. Oh, wait, it is!

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