UPDATE: Koenigsegg's Design Boss Launched a Social Media Challenge and It's Lit

Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge 2019 6 photos
Photo: Sasha Selipanov/instagram
Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge 2019 (proposal by Head Designer Sasha Selipanov)Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge 2019 (proposal by Head Designer Sasha Selipanov)Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge 2019 (proposal by Head Designer Sasha Selipanov)Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge 2019: intermediate roundupChristian von Koenigsegg (left) and Sasha Selipanov (right)
Back in August, when Sasha Selipanov was appointed as Head of Design for Koenigsegg, it became obvious that we'll be in for an adventure. After all, the man who penned the Bugatti Chiron would now work for the Swedes who grabbed multiple production car speed records from Molsheim. So, here we are in December, with the 36-year-old penning master having launched a social media challenge.
On the first day of this month, the designer, whose full name is Alexander Selipanov, took to Instagram to share a doodle with the world, as you'll notice in the first Instagram post below.

The Russian-born designer, who has also worked on the Lamborghini Huracan during his time with the VW Group, delivered a few raw sketches portraying a melange of senior K models (think: CC8 and CCX), along with one little hashtag: koenigseggsketchchallenge.

And you might just want to take the time to enjoy the fruits of the initiative we're talking about.

As anybody clicking on the said hashtag can notice, the challenge has caught on, with dozens of designers having submitted their entries.

The resulting pixels range from hypercar proposals that are as exciting to behold as you'd imagine (we'll showcase one of your favorites in a dedicated article later today), to less conventional toys - and here's the said hypercar rendering, which hints at a Le Mans Hypercar debut for Koenigsegg, a shenanigan that might just happen, as explained in the story.

The said non-comf portraits involve contraptions such as the Koenigsegg SUV we discussed over the weekend (the chances of this being built are there, albeit not under the Koenigsegg brand) and even an Egg silhouette that was digitally sculpted in Swiss cheese (you can check this one out below) - see? this challenge involves a larger audience than you might expect.

I reached out to Sasha earlier today, asking for more details on the Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge. So, in his words, here's how it all started: "It was totally not a planned idea, I just did a doodle for my Instagram and invited friends to sketch some Koenigseggs, show some love. It became unexpectedly big! But no real plan was there to make it big,"

When being asked about the status of these virtual projects, the Koenigsegg Head Designer stressed out the fact that the submissions "are owned by their designers and our company will not use them. It's very clear: this is simply fan art work,"

Speaking of what the future holds for the go-fast marque, let's not forget that the only future arrival announced so far is the 300 mph-capable sister car of the 1,600 hp Jesko that has been touring the world.

Of course, putting all those sketches together, as Sasha did for the post above, could make for an X-Ray of how a styling-educated part of the world, namely the design bubble on Instagram, perceives the current visual identity of the Angelholm brand.

Now, the challenge is still on, with it set to fold on Friday, December 20. In fact, as the first post below shows, company founder Christian von Koenigsegg signed three branded caps that will go to the three most impressive entries - Christian, together with the design team will select these once the shenanigan comes to an end (as for the second post below, this comes from back in the summer, when the knighting took place). So grab your pixels, folks, the radar for fresh arrivals of the kind continues to be up and running.

PS: It's not uncommon to see designers who work for a certain carmaker sketching outside the box for the giggles. So don't be surprised if, by the end of the challenge, you come across one of these Koenigsegg proposals signed by a name associated with a different company.

UPDATE 1:Artem Smirnov, the independent designer behind the cheesy Egg proposal above has come up with a 3D model of his work and you'll find this below.

UPDATE 2:Christian von Koenigsegg and Sasha Selipanov had promissed to choose 3 top designs for this challenge. Well, they multiplied that by 9 (what? it must be a lucky number), ending up with the 27 wining works shown in the last two posts below.

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