Speed Painter Jessica Hass Did the $8M Koenigsegg Agera Thor, Work Looks Frozen

A simple piece of Koenigsegg merchandise is enough to get many aficionados hyped, so you can imagine the feeling one experiences when owning an actual Egg. But what if the hypercar in question is one of the Swedish carmaker's one-offs, namely the Agera FE Thor? Well, such a machine certainly deserves a dedicated work of art, which is precisely what the hypercar received from Jessica Kristianna Haas.
Speed Painter Jessica Hass Did the $8M Koenigsegg Agera Thor 4 photos
Speed Painter Jessica Hass Did the $8M Koenigsegg Agera "Thor"Speed Painter Jessica Hass Did the $8M Koenigsegg Agera "Thor"Speed Painter Jessica Hass Did the $8M Koenigsegg Agera "Thor"
We're talking about somebody who describes herself as America's first female, award-winning speed artist who currently holds multiple world records in the field.

Jessica was invited by the collector who owns the Agera Thor to paint the velocity beast, because... well... does one really need a reason to transform one work of art into another? After all, the eye pleaser that is this machine comes to mix with the speed records set by the Agera RS (yes, you adrenaline junkies, this has the same Megawatt engine - 1,360 hp - as the RS).

Both the artist and the car collector have now taken the visual adventure to Instagram, as you'll notice in the social media posts at the bottom of the page. It seems that the work was done for a private presentation, with this being a live adventure.

As for the gear head who commissioned the piece, we're talking about Dan, a man who paid around $8 million for the Swedish toy - he happens to be one of the most social media-savvy collectors out there, so this is only the most recent episode of his public motoring life, but feel free to browse his account for more.

In case you're wondering, the answer is "yes" - as explained by the artist, the collector will hang this automotive portrait in his home, not the office or the garage, even though the last certainly lives up to the standards of a millionaire's home.

PS:No video of the Koenigsegg painting was available at the time when this article was published. As such, you can find a sample of Jessica's velocity work in the YouTube clip below, which portrays her Fast and Furious movie shenanigan.

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Epic day painting the Koenigsegg Thor today for @dan_am_I !!! Car is covered in LITERAL crushed diamondsŽ, worth $8 million & there’s only 1 Thor in the world & today, I was asked to paint it privately LIVE! This art original will hang in @dan_am_i home who is one of the coolest billionaires ever & exciting news- Prints will be available soon on so stay tuned!!! . . #jessicakhaas #koenigsegg #artismysport #losangeles #thor #paintlikeagirl #firstfemalespeedpainter #speedpainter #speedpainting #performancepainter #performancepainting #brandactivationagency #brandactivation #koenigseggagera #events #brandactivations #experientialmarketing #creativeevents #privateevents #losangeles #brands #corporateevents #evententertainment #corporateevents #corporateentertainment #luxuryevents #activations #eventplanner #eventprofs #eventpros #livepainter #liveartist

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