Koenigsegg Regera Lowered on Custom Wheels Looks Brutal

Koenigsegg may have introduced the Jesko earlier this month, but the Internet isn't done paying attention to the Regera. And it shouldn't. After all, we're talking about a 1,500 horsepower hybrid that offers a transmissionless driving experience.
Koenigsegg Regera Lowered on Custom Wheels 1 photo
All 80 examples of the gas-electric Angelholm machine have been spoken for and it seems that certain aficionados wonder what would happen if an owner took his Regera down the aftermarket path.

Well, we can't answer that question in the real world, but we can give you a rendering that portrays a modded example of the Swedish hyper-GT.

Digital artist Khyzyl Saleem has played with the Regera, lowering the beast as much as possible, as if this used an air suspension. The machine also received a widebody take, with this being aimed at containing the new wheel setup, which involves Rotiform units - as if anybody would ditch the hollow carbon factory wheels.

Speaking of which, all this tuned Koenigsegg talk sees an important question poping into our minds - is there such a thing as a Koenigsegg tuning market? While the automotive realm is no stranger to the idea, such examples are extremely rare.

For instance, back in 2011, Edo Competition worked on a Koenigsegg CCR. Then again, given the lengths to which Angelholm goes when creating its machines, there's really not too much room for such shenanigans.

For instance, the said German aftermarket developer used an ECU remap while modding the drive ratio. However, the key figure of the CCR, namely its top speed actually dropped a bit, going from 245 to 242 mph.

So we wouldn't expect to see a modded Big K too soon, at least not as far as the oily bit s, or the aero elements are concerned.

P.S.: If you're experiencing a bit of a deja vu, it might be because the said pixel wielder has messed with a Koenigsegg before, giving us an Agera RS


As I said yesterday, make whatever the fuck you want to, whether people like it or not. #LTO - - Another Koenigsegg I've wanted to fuck up, this ones got more of an OEM widebody, also bagged on some @rotiform goodness. @s.pphoto you're my fav for the HDRIz! - - #design #3d #koenigsegg #regera #agera #rs #airliftperformance #rotiform #toyotires #khyzylsaleem #kyza #ks #blacklist #carlifestyle #speedhunters #joyofmachine #stancenation #stanceworks #lto #livetooffend

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