Koenigsegg Gemera Drag Racer Rendered with Massive Slicks, Carbon Fins

Koenigsegg Gemera Drag Racer rendering 3 photos
Photo: yasiddesign/Instagram
Koenigsegg Gemera Drag Racer renderingKoenigsegg Gemera Drag Racer rendering
Now that Koenigsegg has opened up the (dihedral) door to ordering a machine in more than one configuration (think: Jesko/Jesko Absolut), the Internet is ready to take that to the next level, digitally expanding the Gemera lineup courtesy of a new rendering.
To be more precise, on top of the actual Gemera, which will come to the streets in 2022, we've already seen a rendering portraying the Absolut version dedicated to reaching even higher speeds. Now, the time has come to zoom in on a pixel portrait showcasing a Gemera drag racer.

You can have the Swedish hypercar with carbon fiber wheels from the factory, but the custom rear units seen here are ready to support the monstrous Hoosier slicks. An actual build of the sort would need to pack a beadlock mechanism for the wheels to keep the tires in place during extreme launches, especially given the monstrous electric torque the rear axle has to deal with.

Instead of swapping the front wheels for skinnies that reduce rolling resistance, this digital creation places aero discs on top of the factory units, thus cutting drag. And that's because the front axle has to handle more than just steering, as it receives 600 hp from a 2.0-liter three-cylinder twin-turbo camless engine. Mind you, since the overall output of the hybrid system sits at 1,700 ponies, no modding is required in this area.

While we've only seen the Gemera's carbon fiber body covered in paint, this virtual example allows us to gaze at the wonder material in its raw and charming state.

Wonder what's with those massive fins? Well, they're borrowed from the Jesko Absolut. And, if you're experiencing deja vu, it's probably because this drag strip star comes from the same artist that brought us the said Gemera Absolut rendering, a pixel master named Yasid Oozeear.

Now, you may ask yourself why would anybody want to do this to a machine that costs $1.7 million? Let's not forget the Gemera is the world's first four-seater hypercar, so why not take the whole family along for the quarter-mile ride?

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