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Frers' 153-Foot Catamaran Is a $26.5 Million Luxury Toybox Meant for Trans-Oceanic Travel
In the search for the freshest billionaire toys on the market, we've arrived at a superyacht that hasn't even hit international waters yet, the 153 ft trans-oceanic Frers trimaran.

Frers' 153-Foot Catamaran Is a $26.5 Million Luxury Toybox Meant for Trans-Oceanic Travel

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Ladies and gents, reports have started popping up on social media about a new multi-million-dollar machine being built as we speak. That ship is the new 46.75 m (153.3 ft) Frers trimaran motor yacht you see here.

Also dubbed MC155TRI, this vessel results from two years of R&D carried out by Milan-based Frers Design and Australian-born McConaghy Boats. To help you get acquainted with the Frers team, this three-generation crew traces its yachting heritage back to 1928. Over the years, they've made a name for themselves, be it through racing yachts or designing them from start to finish.

As for McConaghy Boats, this team was founded in 1967 by John McConaghy in Australia and initially entered the market building 12 ft (3.65 m) to 16 ft (4.9 m) skiffs, A-Class catamarans, and an array of other smaller vessels. While early vessels were constructed using plywood, this team quickly mastered vacuum forming and foam sandwiching techniques, leading to ongoing success.

Yet, there is another aspect that McConaghy is known for: their ability to manipulate materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber, the latter being used to create the hull of MC155TRI. As per the owner's request, who chooses to remain nameless, all that was desired is "an efficient superyacht for cruising the Globe that will seaworthy – and comfortable – in any sea state."

With this goal in mind, the trimaran began to take shape and transform into the wonder you see here. Just so we're on the same page, this superyacht is already for sale, and the broker is none other than the famous Camper & Nicholsons, who are displaying it for no less than 26.5 million USD (around 23.2 million EUR at current exchange rates).

But for this sort of cash, you can expect MC155TRI to be absolutely everything a future owner could want. This means that there are toys, tenders, a pool, a beach club, and an array of other spaces and features.

Starting with the uppermost deck, the owner's loft stretches laterally due to the ship's 11.2 m (36.7 ft) beam. Owners should enjoy the panoramic use of tinted glass, offering a view of the world around them while keeping prying eyes out. A gym and lounge are present on the owner's deck as well.

Notably, the owner's deck also features ample exterior space. Aside from being suitable for lounges and even dancing, this space also serves as a touch-and-go helicopter pad.

The deck below will be devoted to most daily activities and features another interior space with panoramic glass walls. It's here that guests and owners can enjoy spaces such as a full-beam dining room and entertainment lounge.

Ok, I'll admit, I've been withholding one bit of information regarding the designs of this ship. Another team is involved in the affair and is responsible for the interior, none other than Design Unlimited, a crew responsible for some of the most luxurious yacht interiors on the planet. Their countless refits and new constructions speak for themselves.

Outside, another large deck is present, this time inclusive of alfresco dining and a jacuzzi with glass walls. Lateral staircases lead to a hydraulic platform that usually sits raised during long-distance crossings.

Part of the trimaran design also yields those two lateral hulls or floats. Well, instead of leaving these empty or lacking in use, Frers integrated two toy garages that can be accessed from the exterior and interior, but the transom of MC155TRI hides a tender. Diving equipment and kayaks are part of the mix too.

Aside from just being garages, these hulls have also been given special attention by the teams involved to ensure that trans-oceanic crossings can be achieved.

Model testing has shown that MC155TRI will handle up to 6 m (19.7 ft) swells. There better be some very sunny days of sailing as waves on the Atlantic can be much bigger.

Overall, 4,000 nautical miles (4,603 miles) will be covered on a full tank of gas, and because of a more efficient hull design, MC155TRI will be able to hit a top speed upwards of 29 knots (33 mph) and cruise at around 12 knots (13.8 mph).

So far, the delivery date for this machine has not yet been defined exactly, but the agreed-upon year seems to be 2022, so keep your eyes peeled around exotic ports.

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