Ford GT "Widebody Wrestler" Sports All the Added Aggression

We feast our eyes on automotive renderings on a daily basis. And while the work we have here, which revolves around the current Ford GT, is just as immersive as you'd expect from a pioneer of the genre (more on this below), it also serves a greater purpose. That's because these pixels allow us to talk about the evolution of this ever-more-popular genre.
Widebody Ford GT rendering 4 photos
Widebody Ford GT renderingWidebody Ford GT renderingWidebody Ford GT rendering
The artist responsible for this eye candy is Khyzyl Saleem, whose work we've been publishing since 2014. Back then, the penning master was at the height of the 2D era, as his 2015 Ford GT "Egoista" concept came to show.

Meanwhile, the artist has become one of those who lead the 3D update of the rendering realm, with the now-transformed FGT rendering portraying the kind of work he did a few years ago - use the swipe feature of the social media post below and you'll notice the transition. However, you should be prepared to see a widebody kit and a Lexan wickerbill fitted to the form-follows-function, racing-derived aero of the Blue Oval halo car, among other purist-antagonizing details.

As for the fourth dimension of the rendering realm, this involves such customization jobs being featured in car games. In fact, this GT body kit was offered in Need For Speed Payback, a title released in 2017.

For the record, here's a somewhat similar Porsche 918 Spyder the pixel master created for the said Electronic Arts title.

There's also a fifth dimension here, with this involving the ever-closer relationship between renderings and builds from the real world. For instance, while Saleem modded a Polestar One that became the cover car for last year's Need For Speed: Heat, this also showed up as an actual project at SEMA.

As a side note, the artist decided to part ways with the said game developer after the 2019 effort mentioned above and so we can't help but wonder how many other goodies will surface from the gearhead's NFS vault.


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