2023 Ford Ranger Tremor Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Truck
Segment: Heavy Duty Pickup
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

FORD Ranger Tremor 2023-Present 15 Photos
FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)FORD Ranger Tremor (2023-Present)

Ford put its vast experience into building pickups and produced the Tremor as a special version for the Ranger in Europe, a vehicle built for hard off-road adventures but capable enough to carry long and heavy items.

The European Ranger proved to be a hit among its customers. Still, some of them didn't need it just to drive around towns and farms. They needed to do some serious off-road and didn't want to browse around specialized shops to get their truck done. But Ford knew that, and that's why its engineers developed the Tremor and Wildtrack duo, where the Tremor was prepared to tackle water streams and difficult situations while still being able to carry heavy loads in the back.

Its rugged look was a statement of "I can do anything," and Ford promised that it was true. The enlarged wheel fenders and the arch moldings covered the wide all-terrain tires that covered the 17" light-alloy wheels. In addition, cast-aluminum side steps provided not only an easier ingress and egress to the car but also protected the bodywork from getting hit by rocks. The Tremor also featured a long-leg tubular sports bar at the back of the cabin and, as an option, a flexible rack system that allowed customers to load long items in the back and still be able to close the tailgate. This rack could sustain up to 80 kg (176 lbs) of loads while moving or 250 kg (551 lbs) static.

Inside, the automaker installed bucket seats with bolstered areas at the front and a bench profiled for two in the back. Like its LTD Ranger sibling, the Tremor featured a dual-screen dashboard, with a TFT for the instrument panel and a portrait-mode touchscreen for the SYNC infotainment system. In addition, Ford installed an overhead switch pack for up to six inputs for winches, light bars, and other accessories.

Powering the whole monster was Ford's 2.0-liter turbo-diesel that developed 205 PS (202 hp) and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The 30 mm (1.3") wider track and 26 mm (1.2") increased ground clearance compared to the standard Ranger made the Tremor an excellent off-road warrior while still being able to carry all the loads to the camping site.

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FORD Ranger Tremor 2023, 2024

Information about this model's engines has not been yet made public, but we will add it as soon as the car is launched or more data becomes available