Sonic X SN220VRBX
Have you ever wondered what it takes for a travel trailer to win awards two years in a row? Well, Venture RV's Sonic X SN220VRBX travel trailer is the one to show you precisely what is needed.

Award-Winning Sonic X Travel Trailer Is Ready for Your Unedited and Frozen Adventures

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Listen, to make things easier for everyone, let's call this floorplan the VRBX. It's nothing more than the work of Venture RV, a crew born from KZ, Inc., which is now part of Thor Industries. KZ has been around since 1972, meaning they're on their 50th anniversary. Yes, 50 years of industry R&D is poured into the award-winning VRBX. It won the 2019 "Best of Show" award from RV News and the "2020 RV of the Year" from RVBusiness, and while we're in 2022, coming up on 2023, this floorplan has only been improved since those days.

Because there's so much that the VRBX features, I would need more than one article to run through everything. So, to help you understand what to expect from this $65K travel trailer, we're going to take an imaginary trip through our minds, even one where snow is all around us. To help you ease into this daydream, I invite you to start with the images in the gallery. Ready?

It's Saturday morning, and you wake up in the comfort of your blanket and modular or Murphy bed. Even though it's late in the glamping season, you and your friends are still out there, driving along, exploring lands devoid of people, and undertaking all sorts of adventure activities.

With eyes half-asleep, you head over to your dinette, put on a pot of coffee, and then check out the control panel to ensure interior temperatures are just right. Yup, the 20,000 BTU furnace is working its magic like a charm, and while temperatures dropped to freezing last night, your water tanks are enclosed and heated. It's all part of this unit's winter-ready properties.

Sonic X SN220VRBX
The smell of coffee raises the rest of your group from their slumber, and before long, music is blaring, the smell of eggs and bacon now joins the mix, and with breakfast consumed, everyone sits back and plans the day. Since there's a lake nearby, some folks decide to take a frigid kayak trip to harden the skin pores, and the rest will be accessing the e-bikes found mounted at the rear of the mobile home. For things like tents, fishing rods, and other larger gear, garage storage is found on the starboard side of the VRBX.

The next fifteen minutes are used up with folks scurrying around the unit, accessing wooden cabinets, overhead storage, and even underneath the bedding options, all to get dressed for the following adventures. With everyone ready, you push open the side door, and a blast of cold air makes everyone rethink their options. Hey, you're the one that wanted to explore frozen landscapes. You check the thermometer, and sure, it's cold, but no longer freezing, so you all take a deep breath and brave your life decisions.

A couple of hours later, you'll return to a rolling home hidden in the woods where you left it, but something strange has happened; you have more juice in your batteries than when you left. That's because standard solar power is a part of the cash you drop on this unit. It's even just as warm as when you left. Later on, everyone is cleaned up and ready for dinner.

Sonic X SN220VRBX Interior
While you start unfurling your cooking abilities, some members can simply take a seat at the slide-out dinette, read a book or chat it up, while others can lounge on the bed you left open. Windows all around ensure you can still take in the world outside, and LED lighting is there to illuminate your habitat. Take in that image for a moment, and tell me you wouldn't like to be in the middle of all of it.

After dinner, someone blurts out the idea of making a fire outside the VRBX, and with everyone's pupils dilated with excitement, you close the night with a guitar, some s'mores, and laughs around the mesmerizing movements of a dancing flame. The following day, you're off to fresh pastures; less cold would be nice.

Take that six-hour drive along the coast and pass out on a beach. Camp out under the stars. Why not grab your snow gear and head to the mountains? The beauty of mobile living and beauty that can be accessed with a Sonic X SN220VRBX. Just a little something-something to bring up over Christmas dinner.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery showcase an array of SN220VRBX interiors and options.


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