Feenix Travel Trailer
By now, everyone's figured out that Australia doesn't just produce travel trailers; they manufacture off-grid and off-road-worthy machines designed to keep you alive where and when everything else is trying to kill you.

The Feenix Is an Off-Road Adventure Trailer Designed To Rise From the Ashes Every Time

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Cue OFFTRAX and their one and only adventure travel trailer, the Feenix. Typically, this is where I introduce a bit about OFFTRAX and the knowledge they have to create such mobile habitats, but their website only mentions a little about their background. Instead, there's a plethora of information about the Feenix, so we can skip the introductions.

One thing we are told is that the Feenix is "born from years of R&D in the off-road camper industry." When and where this R&D was carried out no one seems to know, but these buggers are so capable that they achieved the title of "2021 Camper Trailer of the Year" from Camper Australia magazine. You're about to find out why, so read on.

For starters, we're looking at a machine that's priced at AU$48,500, which roughly equates to $32,600 (at current exchange rates). While that may sound like a tad more than most people would be looking to spend on a camper with a rooftop tent, try to think of the Feenix as that machine that rises from the ashes repeatedly, performing to the same standard each and every time. Did I mention you can fit everything you'll ever need for hardcore exploring inside?

Feenix Travel Trailer
Before we talk about the storage possibilities of the OFFTRAX Feenix, let me shed light on how this thing is built. What we're looking at is a trailer with a dry weight of 960 kilograms (2,116 pounds) and an ATM of 1,600 kilograms (3,527 pounds). This means 640 kilograms (1,410 pounds) of food, water, gear, clothes, books, fishing tackle, pet food, and whatever you want.

This is made possible by a steel hot-dipped galvanized chassis with a central beam running the trailer's length from the drawbar to the suspension to prevent twisting. From there, a Cruisemaster XT 1.6T independent suspension is equipped with Dual HD shocks, while a DO35 off-road coupling is added to the mix for perfect articulation. Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires complete the picture, with one of them set up on a swingarm; it's the spare.

Now, I already mentioned that you'll be sleeping in a rooftop tent, so the rest of this beauty's body is simply reserved for all those little knick-knacks you may need. Over 2,500 liters (660 gallons) of storage space is distributed over nine bays and compartments, including storage drawers at the back. Everything you see is built out of nothing more than aluminum and powder-coated inside and out.

Feenix Travel Trailer Galley
Storage bays aside, it's essential to shed light on two final features of this rather determined camper: the galley, and off-grid power. For the galley, the entire port side of the Feenix opens up to unveil a cooktop, kitchen, and grill on a slide-out, fridge too, and a countertop sits in the shadows of endless bins and drawers for storing your foods and cooking utensils.

As for off-grid readiness, REDARC is called upon to offer a system manager, including water level monitor and temperature sensors for your fridge. The last thing you want when you're hundreds of miles away from anyone is to run out of water or food spoiling. A lithium battery is part of the standard setup, but if you want solar power, you'll need to grab a portable system or figure out a way to integrate some into the shell, if possible. As for the all-precious H2O, the Feenix is stocked with two 65-liter (17.2-gallon) tanks with a Shurflo water pump. But then there's also plumbing laid down for your gas tanks, all certified for safety.

In case I need to remind you, you'll need at least $32,600 to make this camper yours, maybe even more if you need to ship one from over in Australia, but you can understand where your hard-earned bucks are headed. As a side note, I found a few OFFTRAX Feenix brand ambassadors right here in the U.S., but to give you an idea of what to expect, one crew is selling their base models for a tad under $42K. Seems like shipping is included in these prices. Something to consider for the next glamping season.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery include an array of custom Feenix campers and features.


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