Sport&Fun Travel Trailer Grants Adventurous Dreams for Well Under $30K: Even Has a Garage

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Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
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Let's face it, winter is upon us, and there really isn't much to do but sit around the house and explore what the WWW has to offer. Since I'm into travel trailers and the likes myself, I decided to bring to light a German camper that we can get our hands on next glamping season.
Cue the KNAUS SPORT&FUN. That is literally the name of the mobile habitat we have here before us today. Nonetheless, it doesn't really matter what we call this travel trailer because the magic it can bring to our lives seems to be well worth the average €25,000 ($26,300 at current exchange rates) price tag. By the looks of it, they really like to do things differently in Europe. Let's dive in, shall we?

Upon seeing this camper for the first time, I was expecting a much higher price than what I happened to find. Heck, the price I stated above is just a ballpark figure for 2023 units. Because those units are often handled by dealerships and include an array of added features, the real base price for one of these is probably a few thousand lower, around €20,000.

Now, if you ever end up on the manufacturer's website, some of the first words you'll read state, "The Sport&Fun is the extreme spots athlete of caravans." That's quite a bold statement if you ask me, but as I explored more about this rolling home, I realized that it really can do a tad more than your average unit, and all that starts with the fact that this bugger isn't just a camper, but a garage too!

If you've checked out the images in the gallery, you will have noticed a large hatch or door on the port side of the trailer. Believe it or not, this space is designed to give the average adventurer like you and me the ability to bring along e-bikes, surfboards, some foldable kayaks, climbing gear, you name it. If those are too extreme for you, just bring along some inflatable rafts and kick back with a brewski in hand on some local lake.

Sport&Fun Travel Trailer
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
This ability to store just about anything you want is also carried out in the interior of the Sport&Fun too. According to the manufacturer video I've added below, the interior living space allows for even bigger machines to be stored, specifically motocross bikes; yes, D-rings and all that are available. To do this, you may need to remove your dinette table, but fear not, the dinette is but one of the sleeping options available. Sitting above the garage, the main bedding is found, which means that up to four guests could fit in the camper.

As for the rest of all those little comfort features we look for in a traveling home, KNAUS, the minds and hands behind the machine, took the time to cram it all into the space we see. This includes a galley block with more than enough storage space and features for an extended weekend. That living room can be modified to your will, and finally, a wet bath. Funny enough, a tray can be extended out of the bathroom to let you shower somewhat in the middle of your camper. Maybe you're taller than your spouse and children and need the headroom.

The rest of the living space includes a few little tricks, including hidden storage, modular furnishings, and a plethora of optional functions like a height-adjustable bed at the front, allowing you to bring even larger gear into the garage. Tie that off with a blend of natural, metallic, and composite materials, and the result is the Sport&Fun.

Sport&Fun Travel Trailer Lift Bed
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
Speaking of materials, we also need to take a look at the way this bugger is built. We can clearly see that aerodynamics is one of the principles KNAUS considers when building a camper, but it also looks like durability too. Each unit, the Sport&Fun included, is built using a GRP roof, blended with what appears to be some aluminum here and there and plastics.

The latter is responsible for those blue-accented "forms" tattered all over the camper's exterior. Sure, they look cool, but there's function built into those components. Moreover, on the exterior of this travel trailer, the roof is equipped with rails. It's here that the manufacturer reserves a space for bulkier items like non-folding kayaks and/or wakeboards.

Mix that up with decades of on-road and mobile living experience that KNAUS brings to the table, and the results kind of stand up against that statement KNAUS makes on their website. Hell, if that's not enough, all that's for well under $30K. Sounds like you have something to talk about over Christmas dinner.

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