Catalina Expedition Trailers Prove You Don't Need a Lot To Go Far and To Do It Comfortably

"The perfect trailer for the most enjoyable off-grid experience!" are some of the first words that smack you in the face whenever you end up checking out the Catalina Expedition travel trailers. Let's see how accurate that statement may be.
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Folks, Catalina Expedition is nothing more than a brand where we used to be able to find three different machines that Coachmen RV offered to take on "Adventure Without Limits!" These days, this brand offers just one floorplan, the 192FQS. Precisely why that is has not been specified; maybe it's that good. Time to find out what RV dealerships are offering for around $30K (€28,500 at current exchange rates). If that's not something to celebrate, the following text may help.

According to the manufacturer's website, these travel trailers are designed and built to not only perform while off-grid, but with a bit of attention to the suspension system, chassis, and tires, it also means you can break away from the typical road we're used to. If you see one of those little paths out of the corner of your eye, stop, back up, tack a hard right or left, and off you go.

To ensure you make it to that hidden lake or mountain meadow, the Catalina trailers are built using a structural steel frame upon which a Dexter torsion axle and independent suspension are added. Tie things off with self-adjusting brakes, aluminum wheels and AT tires, and that $30K is starting to sound pretty good. Throw on an insulated shell equipped with a winterization kit, and even the colder months shouldn't be an issue. A 6-gallon (22-liter) gas/electric heater is also standard.

Catalina Expedition Travel Trailer
Now, at this point, most travel trailers would be urging me to head inside as the exterior should be covered, not with the Catalina units. Another strong point for these campers is the number of exterior features in place. They're designed to get you out of the house and living outdoors. And so, the 192FQS includes a flip-down cargo rack suitable for 200 pounds (91 kilograms) of gear, an electric awning, an outdoor shower, a sound system, and, yes, solar power as standard. There's a bike carrier too, and an optional kayak rack can be mounted to the slide-out.

After you've made it out to your hidden Garden of Eden, it's time to start unloading all the goodies you have and set up your campsite. With everything in place, one thing to do is sit back, kick up your feet, and hang out by the fire; tomorrow's the day for adventuring. With the sun now setting and batteries fully charged, it's time to retract the awning, put out the fire, and head on inside.

Once you've taken your first steps into the habitat, you may feel like it's missing something. Well, from what I could make out, each unit is rather minimal. However, that's at first sight. As I explored the gallery and floorplan images, I realized that the 192FQS boasts features that campers within this price range do not.

Catalina Expedition Travel Trailer Interior
For example, after you've taken your first steps into the unit, to your left, Coachmen adds the fridge, but the rest of the rear wall is reserved for a residential bathroom (separate features). A standing shower is tucked away in the corner while a toilet and vanity sit in wait for you to complete your nightly duties.

If you feel like cooking up a meal before you clean up, a fully loaded galley includes a large countertop to unfurl your knife skills, a two-burner top for cooking those prime cuts, and a sink to clean everything up once finished. Plenty of storage space overhead, and cupboards are found all around.

One thing to note about the unit is that it has no integrated dinette. Nonetheless, the port wall does include a slide-out with a couch on it, and a portable and foldable table is included in your purchase. Throw that up and eat on the sofa, or head outside for dinner under the stars. With bellies full and bodies relaxed, it's time for bed.

Catalina Expedition Travel Trailer Interior
At the front of the 192FQS, a large queen bed sits underneath plenty of storage for your clothes and gear, waiting for your weary bones, and if you have guests, transform the sofa into another sleeping space for two people. Heck, throw down a sleeping bag or two, and bring some more folks, maybe a pet or two. Time for bed.

If you're worried about storage at this stage, don't be because not only are those overhead cabinets and ground-level cupboards available but so is a massive pass-through space sitting underneath the queen bed at the front. There's more than enough room for tools, adventure gear, pet food, you name it.

The next morning, you'll be awakened by the sound of birds in trees and sunlight heating up your shell, whisking away dew as the sun rises overhead. You open the starboard door and step outside with a coffee in hand and flip-flops on your feet. At the first touch of fresh grass, your feet leave your sandals, and you step onto lush green pastures and take in the world around you. Sounds like one heck of a way to celebrate this life.

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