Kimberley Kruiser E-Class
Out of all the camper brands I've covered so far here on autoevolution, Kimberley Kampers is one of the manufacturers that genuinely go the extra mile regarding premium equipment and features. Today, I'm looking at the Kimberley Kruiser E-Class.

Exploring the Wildest of Places Is a Possibility With the Deluxe Kruiser E-Class RV

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Kimberley Kampers is based in the coastal town of Ballina, on the East Coast of Australia. The company is named after a beautiful area renowned for dramatic landscapes with gorges, beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. Access is challenging, so the company seeks to build vehicles that can handle rugged terrain. It's been doing so since 1994, with the mission of giving people the confidence to go places and experience adventures that are inaccessible to others.

The Kruiser E-Class is one of the three caravans available, and it's the cheapest and smallest in the range. Kimberley has other types of vehicles available, such as campers and hybrids. The RV has two versions – the Classic and the better-equipped E3. It has three floor plans, sleeping from two to four or even six people. Since I'm all about maximizing comfort, I'll discuss the E3 in the two-person setup.

I'll start by mentioning the mobile home's price, since it's such a decisive buying factor – it's for sale in the U.S. market with a starting price of $89,300 (€86,183). For Australians, the base price is AU$105,550 (€68,533). What's nice about this manufacturer is that it ships to the U.S. market, too – many of the Australian brands I've covered deliver only locally.

Kimberley Kruiser E\-Class Closed
The RV has a tare weight of 1,740 kg (3,836 lbs.) and an ATM (Aggregated Total Mass) of 2,495 kg (5,500 lbs.). The manufacturer used CAD (Computer Aided Design) to build the body – all of Kimberley's campers are made from alloy, thermoplastics, stainless steel, and hot dipped galvanized steel. The body sits on custom air springs and uses big 2" mono-tube off-road racing shocks to absorb impacts and offer a soft ride. If that's not enough, the suspension can be upgraded to Kings Racing Shocks.

In the front of the trailer, there's a storage box with controls for some features, such as the airbags, next to two jerry can holders. On the RV's side, you'll discover a slide-out kitchen complete with a sink, a countertop, and a two-burner stove with a griller. A distinctive Kimberley feature is that the faucet is housed separately from the sink. An electric awning covering a vehicle's side will protect you from the elements when cooking outside.

To enter the Kruiser, you'll need to extend the stairs. Once you step inside, you'll notice the modern and snug interior. The spacious king-size double bed is on the left side, toward the front of the trailer. Under it, you'll notice some storage space.

Kimberley Kruiser E\-Class
The large windows on both sides of the camper certainly help make the space feel less cramped. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying the Kruiser's interior is tiny. Quite the opposite, there's ample room for two people to co-exist. The windows can be opened and come with black-out screens.

Fancy cooking inside? The kitchen features a large sink, a 130-liter (34-gallon) upright fridge with a freezer section, and a dual plate induction cooktop. There's a bunch of counter space too. You can also opt for a microwave or a diesel cooktop, provided you pay the extra bucks.

There's additional storage space in the form of cabinets running along the ceiling and under the countertop. Opposite the kitchen, a two-people couch is installed, just next to a swivel table. In other Kruiser E-Class configurations, this is where the bunk beds are located.

Kimberley Kruiser E\-Class
One of the best parts of this trailer is the en-suite bathroom. It's separated from the rest of the interior by a sliding door, which provides all the privacy you need. Even though it's pretty compact, you'll discover all the necessary utilities to care for your hygienic needs. There's a composting toilet, a small sink, some storage spaces, and two ceiling fans to keep air moving inside. A nice touch is a massive mirror.

Let's discuss the utilities you'll get with the Kruiser E-Class E3. The trailer comes with a dual water system, 68 liters (18 gallons) front and 121 liters (32 gallons) rear, with an additional 16-gallon (60-liter) grey water tank. Moreover, you'll also discover a diesel hot water system with four outlets, a roof A/C, a Smart Touch monitoring system, a 3000 W inverter/charger connected to a 300 Ah battery, and others.

All in all, the Kruiser E-Class E3 has been fitted with most of the things you need for life on the road. If the standard features aren't enough, you can check out Kimberley's official website for the complete list of available upgrades. Whether you want to take your partner or your entire family on a trip, you'll most likely find a configuration that suits you.

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