American-Made Topo2 Camper Is Built To Withstand Hail, Sleet, and Snow, and Keep Going

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Photo: Escapod Trailers / Edited by autoevolution
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"Where did the wild go?" Those are some of the first words you'll hear if you ever check out Topo2's product video. What is that phrase referring to? Nothing more than the freshest travel trailer from Escapod, an off-grid-loving manufacturer from Utah, U.S.A.
The Topo2 may sound familiar to our autoevolution readers. Mainly because I covered this machine about a year ago. Well, here we are, in a new year, and Escapod has hit the ground running. I'm mainly referring to their updated Topo2 travel trailer, the collaborations this company is chasing to give back to the community, and their recent growth. Heck, they took 9th place as the fastest-growing company in the U.S., according to Inc. 5000.

Starting with the most critical aspect of Escapod's work, the Topo2. If you remember the first time we covered the Topo2, then you know what to expect. To bring you up to speed, this camper is designed to accompany you anywhere your vehicle can reach.

The main reason behind its abilities is how the frame and suspension work together to yield a highly capable and versatile trailer. For example, the frame is made up of 2x1 in laser-cut galvanized steel. Light, durable, and affordable. Once the frame is shaped, it's time to bring in an independent suspension with a proprietary shock-in-spring design that allows for up to 5 in (12.7 cm) of travel per wheel. Together, the two systems offer 23 in (58 cm) of ground clearance. Same as the previous versions.

Another feature that should draw you and interested folks to this machine is the habitat itself. What makes the shell of the Topo2 so unique is that it's built to yield a one-piece fiberglass body. Why is this a big deal? Well, a one-piece anything means that there are no seams for water and dust to seep in between panels. The fiberglass also ensures nothing rots. In short, it's airtight! Oh, it'll also hold up a rooftop tent.

Topo2 Travel Trailer
Photo: Escapod Trailers
Diving further into the shell's construction, another detail pops into view. This thing uses a core of recycled milk cartons or PET bottles. The benefit of this is a light, rigid, and insulated construction. Sounds like Escapod has some green tendencies? Funny enough, the whole use of composite materials to craft a nearly indestructible camper extends to the interior too.

All the structures we find inside are composed of HDPE. Again, the use of non-organic material ensures that you won't find yourself selling your Topo2 at the end of the season. Still, some wood (baltic birch) did make it into this travel trailer, in the shape of cabinet doors and some panels on the wall. Spice that up with two lateral doors and a moonroof for tons of natural light, and you're good to go. A feature of this unit is a heated mudroom placed at each of Topo2's doors. Nothing more than a 4.5x32 in (11.5x81 cm) space to rid yourself of dirty boots and wet jackets.

Back outside, the Topo2 invites you to take in the outdoors with a galley setup traditionally found in teardrop campers. However, this is Escapod we're talking about, so to maximize space for the utensils and goodies you need, the water tanks are hidden between the galley and interior walls. Not only does this ensure you always have running water, even in colder weather – the Topo2 is a four-season camper – it opens the door for things like a fridge/freezer on a slide-out, cooktop, sink and tap, and modular shelves.

Topo2 Travel Trailer Interior
Photo: Escapod Trailers
Now, I mentioned that Escapod is doing a few things differently this time around. Well, one venture they're taking part in has to do with a non-profit organization dubbed Canines With a Cause. This group of life-loving humans pairs combat-injured veterans with rescued service dogs to help heal both sides of the story. These services are offered at no charge whatsoever, and this is where Escapod comes in. If you happen to grab a Topo2 from this crew, they're currently donating $300 of your cash to this cause. Sounds like there's some history there that we don't know about. After all, most businesses and brands choose to help organizations with a close link to personal experiences.

All that aside, I wanted to see just how much I'd be spending on a Topo2. Well, the most standard version is selling for a solid $44,000 (€41,500 at current exchange rates). In comparison to the previous version I covered, we see a $4,500 price spike. The far-reaching fingers of inflation have hit every industry. Still, at the center of the Topo2 sits a very modular lifestyle. Not only are parts of the camper modular as standard, but an extensive list of extras is also available. Make sure to explore the image gallery to fully grasp what's possible.

Once you do, place yourself in the shoes of those people you see. Experience a road through dry or wet riverbeds, up and over rocks, and leaving a wake of dust in the process. Once settled down, unload the e-bikes, prepare the rooftop tent, spark up that fire pit, and sit around telling stories until someone has to take up dinner duty or the stars draw your eyes. So, "where did the wild go?" Right back into your life.

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