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Topo2 Teardrop Camper Is a Disruptive Off-Grid Machine Built With Recycled Plastics
Ever since humans have been roaming Earth, you could say mobile habitats have been a part of their lives. Nowadays, new technologies are changing how we build and use campers and RVs.

Topo2 Teardrop Camper Is a Disruptive Off-Grid Machine Built With Recycled Plastics

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Folks, what you have before you has been dubbed the Topo2. It's a teardrop camper that brings new life to the classic RV style, and it does so through heavy use of technology that few other teardrop manufacturers may be using.

The team behind this towable home is none other than Escapod. If the name sounds familiar, it's because we've featured another trailer from this crew, the Topo, just last year. As Excapod likes to say on their website, their aim is to "build the best damn camper known to man." That should give you an idea of what to expect. Time to see if Topo2 stands up to that statement.

Overall, Topo2 is built as an improved version of the original Topo. One main feature that sets this camper aside from most others is the single-piece composite/fiberglass shell seen as the body of your habitat. Not only is a monocoque structure great for keeping things durable and leakproof, but Escapod uses recycled PET to build the shell. Because no wood is used, the potential for rot and mold is practically inexistent.

That shell is then set on a laser-cut, hot-dip, galvanized steel frame with bolted-on floor mold. To make sure everything doesn't go bouncing around too hard and keeps the structure in place, a Freeride Suspension system is used, allowing each wheel to react independently of each other on uneven terrain. 23 in (58 cm)of ground clearance is sure to help move things along smoothly.

This yields a camper with a length of 147 in (373 cm), a width of 84 in (213 cm), and w height of 82 in (208 cm). It'll also weigh 1,500 lbs (680 kg), dry, and features a GVWR of 3,500 lbs (1,587 kg). That's 2,000 lbs (907 kg) of added gear, foodstuffs, and humans.

Since this is a teardrop camper we're talking about, the galley is at the rear and accessible by a hatch. This is one of the spaces where Topo2 shines and features a slideout stove, slideout fridge, and integrated sink and faucet. Cabinet storage, knife storage, spice drawer, and modular shelves allow you to bring the things you need for whatever kind of trip you have in mind. 21 gallons (95.5 liters) of water will be fueling your cooking abilities.

Back to the habitat, the exterior of Topo2 is jam-packed with goodies aimed at outdoor adventure, one of which is the possibility to add a roof rack, perfect for gear or a tent, and a large and mobile stargazer window that gives tired eyes something to fall asleep to. If you like to read, LED lamps are found too.

Inside, Topo2 reveals an interior that brings a fresh and modern feel, and while there is no wood in the build, Escapod still gave some composite panels a wood-like look and feel. An angled headboard, armrests, dimmable lighting, USB and 12-volt outlets, and a soft-touch headliner complete the space. Let's not forget "mudroom" storage found at the entry for dirty boots and all that.

As for the remainder of systems, Topo2 seems to be ready for off-grid living with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 140-watt constant charge carbon fiber solar panel, and a Simarine Smart Monitor to keep your eye on things. A MaxxAir fan is also run by the electrical system.

Since the lack of a bathroom is what does most teardrop campers in, ample storage space ensures that you can bring along a portable toilet and set up an exterior shower. Just remember, that'll cost you extra.

Speaking of extra, if you have anything else in mind that you would like to add to a Topo2, Escapod is the sort of manufacturer that offers a customizable experience, so do bring your checkbook.

At the end of the day, Topo2 is available starting at 39,500 USD (34,817 EUR at current exchange rates) and features a max price of 54,270 USD (47,837 EUR). I've never heard of a maximum price whenever dealing with an RV, but it does offer a sort of assurance knowing you can't go beyond that figure. I feel like the future will be getting more and more wild in terms of capable mobile habitats.

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