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700-HP Dodge Dart Has Nothing Against a Tesla-Swapped Plymouth, Effortlessly Gapped

Most people thought car tuners would never budge to electrification, but if SEMA taught us anything, just about any car can get a Tesla motor heart transplant. As much as we’d love to keep our classic muscle cars stock, electrifying them seems like a much better proposition when gas prices are getting to unaffordable proportions.
700-HP Dodge Dart Vs Tesla-Swapped Plymouth 11 photos
700-HP Dodge Dart Vs Tesla-Swapped Plymouth700-HP Dodge DartTesla-Swapped Plymouth700-HP Dodge Dart700-HP Dodge Dart Vs Tesla-Swapped Plymouth700-HP Dodge Dart Vs Tesla-Swapped Plymouth700-HP Dodge Dart Vs Tesla-Swapped PlymouthTesla-Swapped PlymouthTesla-Swapped PlymouthTesla-Swapped Plymouth
On a recent upload, the folks at That Racing Channel featured a Tesla-Swapped 1972 Plymouth Satellite, a.k.a the Electrollite. This classic muscle car runs a p100d drivetrain with a 100 kWh battery. That’s not all. At the rear, this classic transformation has a ludicrous drive unit. 

It wasn’t a ‘fit-and-go’ build. According to Kevin, the owner, it took about a year to get the Electrollite running smoothly.

The original drivetrain did not work, so I pushed it in the garage. A year and a half later, drove it out on electricity,” Kevin revealed.

Unlike your regular 1972 Plymouth Satellite with a big block engine under the hood, Kevin’s Electrollite has a battery pack from a P100d Model S.

The Electrollite is much weird compared to other muscle cars from its era. For starters, it spins on full throttle from a dig, and unlike your conventional Plymouth Satellite, it makes zero noises – just tire screeches and an electrical motor whirr.

The electric muscle car has an impressive range of 300 miles (483 km) on normal driving and will do 250 miles (402 km) on spirited driving.

Kevin also owns a 1967 Dodge Dart. It belonged to its family, and he’s been around it since he was nine years old. He officially got it when he was 14 years old and has been working on it since. It makes a whopping 700 hp (710 ps) at 16 psi, has a 66mm Borg Warner Turbo, and runs on a 46RH transmission.

They pair the Electrollite against the 700-hp Dodge Dart on a rolling drag race, and on the first pull, the Tesla-swapped Plymouth effortlessly gaps the Dart. The result isn’t any different when Kevin’s 1967 Dart gets a head start.

It’ll be amazing to see what the future of tuning holds for both electric and hybrid conversions. Check out the video below if you’d like to know more about the Electrollite’s build.

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