5 Key GTA VI Trailer Details You Might Have Missed

The upcoming GTA VI could become one of the most important video games ever. It connects today's adults with their childhood, brings next-gen graphics to consoles first, and invites us to explore a reinterpreted version of Miami, Florida. Here's what you didn't see in the first official trailer.
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Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube | Edited
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Three days ago, Rockstar Games hastily published the GTA VI trailer. Someone leaked it ahead of time on Twitter (X), and the company had to act. It uploaded the official footage on YouTube and asked people to watch it there. It even paid for an international ad on Elon Musk's social media platform that took people to YouTube.

About 90 hours ago, the GTA VI trailer had accrued around 42 million views in a little over six hours. In comparison, the GTA V trailer published 12 years ago had 95 million views.

When writing, the official GTA VI preview has over 133 million views! It was on the top spot on YouTube's trending page for two and a half days. The 90-second-long glimpse of the new video game also helped the GTA V trailer push beyond the 100-million view mark. But the difference between them is staggering. Judging by this metric alone, Take-Two Interactive's return to Vice City could become one of the most profitable decisions ever.

That level of interest becomes even more worrisome to competitors because the YouTube hits don't paint the full picture. Other accounts or gaming outlets have published the trailer on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Take GameSpot's reupload as an example. It has over 18 million views as I'm writing these words. If we factor in all the other posts, the trailer could have already reached over 160 million people worldwide.

Photo: Rockstar Games
There's no denying that the excitement is there. The hype is real! People want to experience the new version of Vice City and see what Rockstar Games prepared for those ready to immerse themselves in Lucia and Jason's world.

But building up anticipation through a minute-and-a-half video filled with references to real-life events doesn't allow us to see beyond the surface. However, I watched it several times and can confidently say there are five important details you could have missed or not paid enough attention to. Here they are.

The opening shot

The trailer's first few seconds of footage match the poster color scheme. Basically, if you have seen the announcement of the announcement regarding the game's debut, the intro shot feels familiar. But it's not just that.

That first shot confirms that we will see and drive cars, crossovers, SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, boats, buses, semi-trucks, tow trucks, motorcycles, and maybe even fly jumbo jets. Imagine seeing Vice City from above, like visiting Paris in Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Wouldn't that be wild?

That first shot also allows some Floridians to recognize the WTVY-TV tower. It was erected in Bethlehem in 1978.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
It's a bit weird to notice it, considering that Bethlehem, Florida, is 600 miles away from Miami, Florida. But the creators might have wanted to give gamers access to the Sunshine State's highest point.

Could it mean that we will be able to use a parachute and have some fun, or does it indicate a thrilling campaign mission? No matter why it's being shown to us so early, it's certainly something to keep in mind.

The same opening shot also gives us a glimpse of a Leonida prison. That's where Lucia finds herself wearing an orange jumpsuit. We might have to help her escape!

Choppers, planes, and wildlife

We can ignore the beautiful water effects that immediately remind us of Miami's connection with the Atlantic Ocean, but we can't go past seeing dolphins and sharks. Although shown only momentarily, the presence of these fishes suggests that we could be in for a treat when simply exploring what the map can offer. You could relax in your own home while experiencing what Rockstar Games' version of Miami has to offer.

Almost anyone must have driven around Vice City while respecting all traffic rules at least once, right? Do it again, and you might feel like time traveling has become possible.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
Grand Theft Auto debuted choppers and seaplanes with the OG Vice City game. The trailer reveals that the former will be an important part of this virtual universe. They're everywhere in the skyline shots. Just look at the scene where the beach is full of people. There are three helicopters, one of which comes with floats!

There's also a seaplane doing some aerial advertising for what seems to be a nightclub. Could that indicate the possibility of personalizing messages seen by the NPCs? Putting what you want on a banner would be a lot of fun!

Then, the trailer takes us out of Vice City and moves the action to a rural area that might just be a copy of the Everglades. Wildlife is once again portrayed for a couple of seconds. Who wouldn't want to see flamingos, storks, and alligators, right?

But that's yet another indication that GTA VI's map could offer players many ways to interact with an enlarged environment. Red Dead Redemption 2 could feel like an aged video game after 2025.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube

Wynwood neighborhood

The trailer shows a colorful area with cars and buildings looking like artwork. Initially, what piqued our interest was the Rolls-Royce Cullinan-like SUV. But more dots can be connected here. There's more than meets the eye!

In the original video game, you could stop Police from being on your tail by visiting the Pay 'n' Spray shop. Your vehicle's color was changed in seconds, and the cops immediately lost interest. It also helped that your whip resurfaced as a brand-new car.

Miami's Wynwood neighborhood is known for its vividly colored walls and streets filled with people, vehicles, and all types of businesses that support creative people in their mission to give others a new perspective.

But all those bars, shops, stores, galleries, art installations, and unconventional restaurants provide Rockstar Games with an environment that can easily turn into a support network for Jason and Lucia to get different identities or make use of a paint or tuning shop that can move very fast. "Ride Out Customs" doesn't sound like a bad name.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
Since wrapping is a good business nowadays, maybe we'll see something like "Vice Vinyl" in the game.

However, this part of the map could also give players a fantastic way of customizing their rides. Will it cost more money to create a custom car that no NPC in Vice City has? Perhaps. But let's not think of microtransactions just yet.

Old rivalries, anew

In the first GTA Vice City video game, protagonist Tommy Vercetti gets involved in a Cuban-Haitian rivalry. He ends up fighting for both sides, putting the player in a tough spot. Vercetti became a hired gun for a while, which complicated things. But, at the same time, it kept the plot interesting.

It appears that GTA VI might bring back some of that spicy relationship between Cubans and Haitians. The trailer shows us a few people wearing blue and red bandanas, the same clothing items that differentiate between the fictitious gangs in the OG Vice City video game.

But those subtle hints immediately make us think of what might happen after the video game is ready for the official launch. It appears that we have two protagonists now. Can that translate into Jason and Lucia fighting against each other? They both agree that trust is important, but their relationship will likely end in disaster. It's likely that someone will forget about that intimate agreement at some point.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
Miami is still struggling with family feuds. They can devolve into dangerous situations sometimes. But it's nothing like the '70s or the '80s. Still, that doesn't mean Rockstar Games can't give us a juicy storyline with multiple outs. Even Jason and Lucia wear these bandanas as face coverings whilst in a store.

One thing's for sure: the tethered aerostat radar system colloquially known as "the Blimp" will be there to oversee all of it.

A massive map

Rockstar Games' developers still have a little over a year to put everything together and make sure the game performs excellently at launch. Take-Two Interactive must also ensure that its servers won't overload when people buy, install, and launch the game for the first time.

GTA VI Trailer 1 Screenshot
Photo: Rockstar Games on YouTube
In the scene where police officers run after a mostly naked man, we can barely see "Leonard County Sheriff" written on the squad vehicle. Beforehand, we had Lucia enjoying herself in an open-top targa-like vehicle. That's when we noticed a highway traffic sign showing us to keep ahead if we wanted to reach Kelly County.

So, GTA VI won't only be about Vice City, Leonida. It'll cover multiple counties, including the reinterpreted version of the Everglades and the many beaches. You'll have a lot of driving to do. Let's hope the mechanics are amazing.

But don't think about those challenges yet because, well… Who knows what else the creators have in mind for us! After all, this is expected to become one of the most popular video games ever. Take-Two Interactive could make billions off it.

At the end of the day, the first GTA VI trailer isn't so popular because of the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers song, but the soundtrack sure did help with setting the scene. 2025 can't come any faster!

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