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$25.5 Million Bow Spirit Yacht Will Stand As the Epitome of Italian Luxury in 2024
While searching the world for the next billionaire toy, we've run across a superyacht that's currently under construction and selling for a tad over $25.5 million. Oh, it will also stand as an example of Italian craftsmanship.

$25.5 Million Bow Spirit Yacht Will Stand As the Epitome of Italian Luxury in 2024

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The ship before you is called Bow Spirit and is one of the most anticipated vessels from an Italian shipyard by the name Vittoria Yachts. Vittoria literally translates to victory, and with a name like "Victory" Yachts, you can imagine what sort of results they roll out.

Vittoria Yachts saw its beginnings in 1927 by constructing and repairing small wooden boats. Over the years, they've mainly been focused on building boats and other small vessels, and so, Bow Spirit is considered their very first yacht; expect it to wow the world.

As is customary of ships this size, more than just one crew is implicated in the venture. Another team that has joined this multi-million-dollar project is HydroTec, another Italian group responsible for some of the most spectacular ships floating around the world. If you're not familiar with their work either, Bow Spirit should do a fine job in showing off what they're capable of.

Sure, all we have at this time are the renderings in the image gallery, but they'll do just fine to get the point across. Overall, Bow Spirit will feature a length of 54.17 m (177.7 ft) and a max beam of 9 m (29.5 ft), at its widest. But with this machine, it's not about the size, but rather the luxury, and that's precisely what Bow Spirit is tuned for.

Personally, I'd like to start the journey at the ship's rear. If you ask why you haven't seen the gallery yet. The aft of Bow Spirit is absolutely massive and features one of the most extensive beach decks I've seen in a very long time, and aside from offering ample space for lounging under the sun, part of the deck is shaded by the deck above. Along the sides of the beach deck, parts of the hull lower to offer guests a fantastic diving platform. Did I mention this space can be reconfigured for a helicopter landing pad?

Speaking of the above deck(s), ample exterior space seems to be the theme. You'll be able to lounge under the sun, dine with stars twinkling up above, or just take a dip in the jacuzzi found further up the superstructure. A crow's nest is also located at the top, yielding breathtaking views.

Bridging the transition between indoors and outdoors, Bow Spirit shows off a tender and toy garage, accessible from the outside and inside of the ship. It's here you'll be able to access the vessel's water-based activities and adventures.

As for the ship's interior, it's here that folks will be able to kick back in style and Italian luxury with spaces such as lounges, bars, entertainment room, and of course, VIP cabins. There's no mention of what sort of materials will be used inside, but that's usually because the eventual owner will have a say in the final layout. Vittoria even allows the owner to decide how many guest rooms will be found, let alone how they're styled. In all, up to 12 guests can partake in this luxury.

A couple of things you need to know about this ship is that it's built for "unrestricted navigation" granted by its steel and aluminum hull build, reinforced ice belt, and 6,500 nautical miles (7,480 miles) of range. That range is powered by two Caterpillar 970 HP engines and three Kohler 80 generators. Overall, Bow Spirit will cruise at a speed of 13 knots (15 mph) and can hit 16 knots (18.4 mph) tops.

The final bit of information essential to Bow Spirit's existence is that it's currently looking for its owner. Camper & Nicholsons are brokering the deal, and that alone should tell you a bit about this trans-Atlantic ship's potential lifestyle, luxury, and capabilities.

It's going to be some time before we can see Bow Spirit in all its glory because it's scheduled to be launched in 2024, but I'm going to mark my calendar as I'd love to see it in the flesh and not as a rendering.

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