2022 Dodge Magnum Digitally Envisioned in Charger Widebody and Vintage Modes

Although quite impactful in its sonority, the Dodge Magnum nameplate hasn’t enjoyed much success during its United States runs. The first one as a coupe was so short lived it only had a couple of model years at its disposal (unlike the Mexico-spec, which carried on for longer). And the 2000s reinvention as a family hauler was just as ill-fated as crossovers, SUVs, and trucks began to make the station wagon body style an exotic choice for American customers.
2022 Dodge Magnum Charger render by tuningcar_ps on Instagram 5 photos
2022 Dodge Magnum Charger render by tuningcar_ps on Instagram2022 Dodge Magnum Charger render by tuningcar_ps on Instagram2022 Dodge Magnum Charger render by tuningcar_ps on Instagram2022 Dodge Magnum Charger render by tuningcar_ps on Instagram
That’s not to say that Magnum’s second generation didn’t have its fans. After all, certain makes (let’s take Audi with its RS6 Avant as the most obvious example) are well versed in selling cars that are geared towards utility and have specifications that would shame many muscle cars trying to pass them.

Naturally, the Dodge Magnum wasn’t without its own high-performance version, the SRT-8. A lowered body, beefier brakes, better suspension setup and larger wheels along with a design nip and tuck went a long way towards improving its street credentials. That, and the 300C-shared 370ci (6.1-liter) 425-hp Hemi V8 engine, of course.

Still, it wasn’t enough to make the series relevant for a larger mass of customers. Now, as people get constantly flooded with crossovers, SUVs, and trucks some might see the value of bringing back the Magnum station wagon for another stint. At least in the virtual world, if not officially.

That’s exactly what happened here with this set of renders coming courtesy of the tuningcar_ps account on Instagram, which even does one better by presenting the audience with a couple of choices for a modern Dodge Magnum, (probably) based on the strong underpinnings of the Charger nameplate.

Actually, as far as we can tell (there are no specific details provided, just the set of pics), the blue Magnum is directly taken off the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and then virtually processed by the CGI pixel master for a widebody stance alongside the station wagon credentials.

On the other hand, the black depiction of a modern Magnum seems directly inspired by the second-generation model and even though it lacks some of the beefed-up chassis credentials it was still the main choice for most of the channel’s followers. As for us, we’d agree to both if that meant Stellantis was ready to give the Magnum another lease of life.


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