Zinger Camper Trailers Allow for Off-Grid Living With Effective Capability on a Budget

Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan) 8 photos
Photo: Crossroads RV / Keystone RV
Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)Zinger Lite (ZR18BH Floorplan Interior)
I recently received an e-mail from a marketing firm asking me what I think about one of their RV clients and the work they offer the market. Intrigued, I asked for details, only to come face to face with a camper trailer lineup that starts off selling for under $25K!
Folks, the name Crossroads RV may mean nothing to you at this stage, but once we’re done with the next three to five minutes, I feel you may seek this crew out for their off-grid and glamping expertise. Considering this manufacturer has managed to stay alive for over 25 years, I think it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. Let’s see what that might be.

One mobile habitat that this crew manufactures is dubbed the Zinger Lite, and frankly, it looks like it lives up to its name with a ton of ‘zing’ to have you exploring in comfort and style in no time. Best of all, the least expensive floorplan available cruises in with a price tag of $23,843 (€24,300 at current exchange rates). That alone should be reason enough to lend me your eyes.

Now, like most camper trailers out there, the Lite is available in an array of floorplans, sizes, and prices. Then there are the countless features and options that typically constitute a whole. All of that is true for the Zinger, so to keep things simple and easy to follow, I want to invite you on a journey into a daydream where you own such a Zinger. If you’re like me, you may grab the least expensive floorplan, the ZR18BH, to ensure that the rest of your cash goes to customization.

Zinger Lite \(ZR18BH Floorplan Interior\)
Photo: Crossroads RV / Keystone RV
After you’ve been driving for a few hours and finally reach your glamping destination, you stabilize your habitat, unhitch it, and wonder at your temporary abode. It’s not entirely clear how each trailer is built – trade secrets and all – but it looks like an aluminum exterior is at play here, and we all know how this alloy stands up to the elements. The exterior also features a few storage bays, prepped for solar power, and inclusive of an enclosed and heated underbelly; that’s just scratching the surface of the features list.

As I explored more of the Zinger series, it also became apparent that this is the sort of habitat designed for lovers of the outdoors. Smaller units typically feature less luxury than larger ones, but no matter the model, they all help you connect with the natural world with features designed to do just that. While there is an interior bathroom, units also have an exterior shower. Sure, eating inside is nice and all, but if the weather is favorable, awnings and exterior galleys can be at your fingertips. Why not bring along a tent annex and figure out how to connect it to the Zinger?

Zinger Lite \(ZR18BH Floorplan Interior\)
Photo: Crossroads RV / Keystone RV
While comfort, entertainment, and sleeping options are nice and all, there’s more to glamping than just a place to lay your tired bones to rest; I want my camper to keep me alive when the world around me only wants the opposite. So, to ensure you can safely get away from your neighbors, Crossroads equips Zingers with what it takes to help you achieve this goal, if only for a few days or so.

You already know about solar prep; buy panels. But 27 gallons (123 liters) of fresh water is available, and each unit can be upgraded with a hefty electrical system, aside from the one already in place. If you need or want more power and capability, bring more cash. Oh, if I must be clear, larger units have more extensive features.

At the end of the day, there’s more to it than that, so I ask you to dive deeper if the Zinger Lite campers are appealing to your visual cortex. Just remember, if your plans include purposefully standing yourself in the middle of the desert with your loved ones and some outdoor activities in mind, this is one lineup to consider.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase only the ZR18BH floorplan.

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