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Overnighter Toy Hauler Takes a Different Approach to Adventuring; Unique, To Say the Least
It seems that everyone wants in on the off-grid adventure action. One crew that seems to be doing things differently than we may be used to is Genesis Supreme RV. It's here that I locked eyes with the Overnighter, a travel trailer/fifth wheel that I consider rather groundbreaking.

Overnighter Toy Hauler Takes a Different Approach to Adventuring; Unique, To Say the Least

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While most other manufacturers are designing RVs and toy haulers that transform your mobile habitat into a portable garage, Genesis seems to have done something a tad different with the Overnighter, and simply places your vehicle garage or deck outside the living space. Sure, it may not be a huge deal, but it may turn out to be the sort of design that you've been looking for.

If Genesis Supreme sounds unfamiliar to you, don't worry because this crew was formed over a decade ago by Pablo Carmona and Michelle Treangen, two minds and souls that even ran operations for teams like Thor, Fleetwood, and MVP. Naturally, once these two started talking about RVs, something like this was bound to happen, and while there are countless designs and lineups available under the Genesis umbrella, it's the Overnighter that caught my attention.

I already mentioned that the most stand-apart aspect of this design is that exterior deck, and the reason I chose to make such a big deal out of it is because I feel it's genius. No longer will you be dragging your muddy vehicles inside your habitat, nor will the smell of fumes keep you awake at night.

Best of all, even if you don't bring any vehicles along on your adventure, you can use this space as a deck for setting up an alfresco dining experience, a BBQ, or throw the kids out into a couple of tents and sleeping bags. After all, there's up to 16 feet (4.9 meters) of deck space; do as you please. Why not join your kids for a night under the stars?

Now, the manufacturer's website makes it rather challenging to figure out precisely how these units are built, but the largest of six Overnighter floorplans is their recently unveiled 4016 FS, the RV you see in the video below. Since this is the largest unit, I chose to focus on it to offer an idea of what Genesis can achieve. What your visual cortex is processing is nothing more than a 43-foot (13-meter) machine with three axles, a dry weight of 10,117 pounds (4,589 kilograms), and a GVWR of 17,000 pounds (7,711 kilograms); this is not a job for your grandmother's Camry.

You already know about the deck I mentioned, but what else can the Overnighter offer folks looking for off-grid adventure? Well, to find that out, I had to explore 263 pages of information. I will admit that I was overwhelmed and didn't get very far. But, I saw that these units are filled with just about everything you need to survive and to do so comfortably. Even if it's in a trailer park or off-grid, Genesis seems to pay special attention to ensure your experience is a smooth one.

Units are equipped with water filtration units, solar and electrical systems, pumps, control centers, and spaces suitable for accommodating larger groups of friends and family. Oh, and in that space, units like the 4016 boast goodies like a complete galley, large bathrooms with separate toilets, vanities, showers, and multiple bedding options.

If you're wondering about cargo space, don't; countless options are tattered all over the units, inside and out. Some of these travel trailers even feature an interior space that can be transformed to accommodate another vehicle if you really can't sleep without the smell of exhaust running through your nostrils.

Wondering how much something like this will cost you? Luckily, the largest and most elaborate Overnighter, the 4016 FS, can be found selling for as low as $65,000 (€64,900 at current exchange rates). Depending on the features that a dealership may have asked for, you can tack on a few thousand dollars more. The smallest unit, the 8-18 FB, can be found as low as $16K (€15,975). Just a little something-something to think about if you're looking for a toy hauler, RV, or travel trailer, all wrapped up into one neat and versatile package.

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Images in the gallery include an array of Overnighter floorplans and interiors.


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