These Polish-Born Camper Vans Are Perfect for the Modern Nomadic Couple in Every Way

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Photo: Globe-Traveller
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It's nothing new that they do things a bit differently in Europe. With that in mind, I've decided to shed some much-deserved light on a crew dubbed Globe-Traveller. After this one, folks, some of us might be moving to Poland.
The glorious machine, or rather, machines before us, are nothing more than Globe-Traveller's Falcon Series, a lineup of camper vans that present themselves like very few on the market if any at all. But first, let's head back several years to about 2009 and meet the minds and hands behind the magic.

That would be none other than Globe-Traveller, a team born from nothing other than the passion of on-road living, not to mention rally car racing. Yes, rally car racing because this brand and philosophy were sparked by none other than Sobiesław Zasada, the one and the same that went on to win the European Rally Championship in 1966, 1967, and 1971, not to mention placing Vice-Champion on three separate occasions around the same time period; he's 94 years old and still going.

With all that in mind, we can really begin to grasp why the Falcon Series presents itself the way it does. After all, to be racing around Europe for years on end, you need a mobile home that doesn't just meet your basic needs but actually exceeds them; you just never know what could pop up while you're out there.

Falcon 2Z
Photo: Globe-Traveller
Now, these babies are clearly of luxury-level living, so allow me to point out that the Falcon Series begins at €102,760 ($110,600 at current exchange rates) for the smaller of the two available floorplans, the 2XS. The 2Z, the larger of the two options, begins at €107,520 ($115,750), so quite a bit, but then again, look at what you're getting.

While we could complete an article about each of the two layouts, I've decided to simply paint a picture for you as to the sort of living that can be done in the larger of the two, the 2Z. Why? Mainly because of that amazing rear cargo garage we see in the gallery. We'll get to that shortly.

Overall, your experience begins behind the wheel with nothing other than a tried and tested VW Crafter, the one and the same that has been home to many camper vans from countless brands. Throw in a 2.0-liter, 177-hp engine, and you're good to go. Oh, and be sure to keep in mind that the 2Z and 2XS are both completely winterized, so you can actually live out of Falcon year-round.

Falcon 2Z
Photo: Globe-Traveller
But, the real magic actually begins once you've arrived at your destination. After parking your home away from home under some tree or in a camper park, stretch your legs a little, take a nice deep breath of the freshest air possible, and then turn to your towering habitat to begin setting up shop.

At this stage, you'll tap into the Falcon's solar power capabilities, up to 480 W of processing power, 160 W of which are standard, 85 liters (22.5 gals) of fresh water, and check that all systems are a go for the next stage in your setup. With green lights all around, you extend that side awning, throw up an outdoor dining set, and finally, head to the rear to unload skis, snowboards, or e-bikes you may have brought along for your trip; you've got to love that slide-out tray. If you've got kayaks in your lifestyle, Ask Globe if they have a roof rack in place for these models. From what I saw in the customer brochure, a roof rack isn't on the list, and once we explore the interior, we understand why.

One of the stand-apart features of the Falcon series and even Globe-Traveller is the inclusion of an extremely tall roof. Clearly, it's not built by VW, but rather, custom-made to give future owners so much more than just headroom; they allow the manufacturer to include countless features otherwise not found in a Crafter conversion.

Falcon 2XS
Photo: Globe-Traveller
For example, the custom and elevated roof style allows Globe to include standing showers in their units, further supported with mobile features like a lift-up sink. For the 2Z, the bathroom is set in the middle of the van, and its walls act as the backrest for part of the dinette seating and also offer some privacy to the bedroom at the rear. In the 2XS, the bathroom is found at the rear, and part of its wall is spotted once you swing open the rear doors.

Another neat trick the high-roof has up its sleeve is the ability to move storage bays up and out of the way of the owner's heads. Moreover, it allows Globe to basically do whatever they want with the lower half of the Falcons. That said, we can spot wonderful galley blocks that feel homey and not cramped, dinettes that double as work tables, and in the 2XS, the center of the van is home to a modular couch that doubles as a large bed for two adults. I'm not going to mention that all those LEDs really caught my eye.

Falcon 2XS
Photo: Globe-Traveller
Now, for the remainder of our time together, place yourself in the middle of one of the two units you see and bring your significant other along with you. Think of the moments shared over breakfast as the sun breaks over the horizon and the soul-filling lunches after morning bike rides. Why not take a siesta inside these immaculate interiors?

Later in the evening, make a fire outside, open up all the doors to your Falcon, and let the red-orange glow fill your home as you share stories and ideas and make wishes upon shooting stars; there's a moonroof for that. Be sure to pull out those insect screens and even pass out with the doors wide open, assuming the local flora and fauna allow for such a feat.

While this puppy isn't available to North American clients, it can always serve as inspiration for a motorhome done right. Or, you can head down to a camper conversion shop and ask them if they can make something like this happen.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase both Falcon Series floorplans and interiors.

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