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Aliner's New Evolution A-Frame Travel Trailer Handles Mobile Living With Mindful Goodies
There are countless RV and camper styles floating around. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Well, research, and luckily for you, this is why we're here. While searching for amazing and equipped mobile habitats, I've run across the recently unveiled Aliner Evolution.

Aliner's New Evolution A-Frame Travel Trailer Handles Mobile Living With Mindful Goodies

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Folks, if you're ever in the vicinity of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, do take the time to drop by the manufacturing grounds of a travel trailer builder dubbed Aliner. If you're wondering why you should take the time to visit these able minds and hands, I urge you to continue reading about what they've just unveiled to the world.

One thing we need to keep in mind when discussing Aliner machines is that this brand has had a presence in this industry since the early 70s. The fact that they're still alive after so many years is a testament to the sort of glampers they offer to present and future customers, and the Evolution is meant to encapsulate everything this crew has learned up to this point. More so, President and CEO of Aliner, Brett Randal, even mentioned that countless features and capabilities have been added because they "listened to the market..."

What does that mean for you, a possible owner of the Evolution? You can't see me, but I have a big grin on my face, and I'm rubbing my hands together in a very "I'm going to eat all the cake" kind of way. Why? Let's simply take a little journey through imagination and see what life may be like when you finally choose to evolve. Get it, evolve, Evolution?

Let's pretend that you bought one of these buggers, and with your map in hand, loved ones in the truck, and the sun rising over the horizon, you hit the road for what you plan on being an adventure you can add to your photo album. If you're not into film, don't forget that your phone probably has one hell of a digital camera; use it.

After a few hours and the inevitable "are we there yet?" you finally reach your destination just in time for lunch. Luckily, the Evolution doesn't weigh too much, less than 2,300 pounds (1,043 kilograms), even though it's built using a tubular steel frame. That's because the rest of this bugger is made using top-of-the-line tech, resulting in vacuum bonded fiberglass panels and Azdel interior walls and ceiling panels.

Sure, a light and solid shell are nice and all, but mobile living is about so much more than that. It's about being able to stand up to the elements, offer the comforts of home, and above all, the ability to achieve those things off-grid. So, does the Evolution have what it takes?

You can be the judge of that, but I urge you to consider that this bugger is equipped with an extensive list of standard features, some of which include a 185-watt solar panel with a Victron controller, a 35-amp converter, a battery tray, and a refrigerator. Feels like something is missing...oh, yeah, there's no mention of water tank capacities on the manufacturer's website, but city water hookup is available.

Considering the interior features a hidden residential shower, complete galley block with running water, and toilet, there must be waterworks somewhere. Maybe Aliner did this on purpose, relying on your curiosity to dive deeper into the Evolution and possibly giving them a call. Nonetheless, we still have some time together, so let me highlight a few more features.

Since this is an A-frame camper, as you relocate from area to area, you'll be doing so with the roof and paneling collapsed and safely tucked inside. You'll then need to work a few air springs, lift some panels, and lock a few latches to access the living space. But, once you do, you'll have access to a dinette and a sofa, both of which transform into queen beds suitable for up to four adults.

The mattresses and cushions you'll find inside are made out of 6-inch (15-centimeter) hypoallergenic high-density foam, and electrical outlets and LED lighting are ample inside and outside this bugger; you should have no problems tapping into the juice processed by your panel. Worried about storage space? I'll just let the images in the gallery do the talking.

Look, it's difficult for me to run through everything that Evolution includes in a standard build, and I can't tell you how much one cost either; I've had trouble tracking down a price. If it's anything like older units, you may be in for one of the tastiest $25K travel trailers ever! But I doubt that Aliner is selling something like this for just $25,000 (€25,000 at current exchange rates), so have your checkbook at the ready.

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