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Rockwood Camping Trailers Expand To Fit Off-Grid Needs and Wants for As Little as $15K
While you're going about your day, you must realize that I'm over here searching the world for campers and travel trailers that aren't just appealing and capable but won't burn a hole in your bank account. It's this notion that has led me to bring to light the Rockwood Camping Trailers.

Rockwood Camping Trailers Expand To Fit Off-Grid Needs and Wants for As Little as $15K

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Folks, the name Rockwood may have come across your screens before, as autoevolution has covered the work of Forest River on several occasions. Why bring to light another camper trailer? Simply because this manufacturer seems to have a little something-something for everyone, and that always deserves a closer look.

For example, the Rockwood lineup is available in three different styles, the Freedom, Limited, and High Wall series, all of which are pop-up campers, yielding an expansive living space designed to help you and your family really get in touch with the wild world around. While in transit, on the other hand, these units can reduce their size and shape into a neat, compact, and aerodynamic trailer.

Just to cut to the chase here, let me point out that you can get your hands on a Rockwood camper for less than $15,000 (€15,000 at current exchange rates). That doesn't mean you can't find options priced over $50k; you can, but you'll probably explore those units if you have large families or need tons of space for your adventure gear. Don't worry, though; the exterior is suitable for kayaks and bikes, too, yielded by a ProRac system on that pop-up top.

Hang on a second; I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, so let's find some structure to this introduction on the Rockwood. To do that, I want you to imagine that you own one of these buggers, and it's simply waiting for you in your driveway. When Friday evening rolls around, you take to the road with your loved ones, your favorite truck, and this camper behind you.

Once you've racked up the necessary miles to get you to that X on your map, you'll want to get out of your truck and stretch your legs. Better yet, why not also extend the Rockwood into its final form? With a few pulls, pushes, and locking of latches, your habitat will be standing in front of your eyes, waiting to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable in an unsure world.

Depending on the floorplan you choose, your amenities will differ, so take the time to find the unit for your needs. But, to give you an idea of what to expect, you're looking at a tent camper with textile or ripstop walls, a fiberglass shell, and a chassis built out of good old steel. Best of all, this sort of camper style allows for a level of integration into the wilderness like few others; unobstructed views and fresh air are strong points for these habitats.

As for the comforts of home, you'll be able to find galley blocks with full amenities, countertops, bedding areas, modular dinettes, and storage options that will have you struggling to fill them all. It looks like it doesn't matter how big your family or your camping needs; there's room for you in a Rockwood.

Now, that's nice and all, but I need my camper to achieve much more than offer me a place to sleep. I need my dwelling to ensure that I have the power I need and to keep me alive in areas where the only other human around is tens to hundreds of miles away. Off-grid capabilities, they're called, and the Rockwood lineup can be customized to your liking or as far as your pockets will allow.

Just imagine being out in the wild, next to a lake. You wake up to the sounds of birds in trees, sunlight glistening off the water's surface, and you see and hear this from the comfort of your bed. Go ahead, get up, grab your kayak, and be the first living to make waves on the lake. Once the Sun is too much to bear, head back to your lakeside habitat, just in time for lunch. It sounds like a heck of a lifestyle if you ask me.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of unidentified Rockwood trailers and floorplans.


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